do you

take apart your bike to put it back together


last weekend.

I felt like a Marine taking apart and reassembling his rifle.


only girls do that shit

i dont have the tools to do that.

well, some of it.

No, I’ll ride this bike as is until it explodes.

i always have a reason to take it apart beyond wanting to put it together, so no.

Occasionally pull the cranks off to clean up around the BB, but I pretty much hate taking parts off if they’re not going to be replaced.

Never. If something works well, I don’t really see the point in disassembling it.

I always think about it but rarely do.

Probably a good thing, too. Whenever I get around to doing it, I change a part here and change a part there and before I know it I don’t like the bike as much. Then I build up a different one and that becomes my main bike for the next 6-12 months.

When I first got a bike as an adult, I took every bit apart to see what was inside. Right down to the freehub (not tarck), just to clean/replace parts now.

I like to tear down the commuter and long distance roadie a couple times a year… hit the headset bearings to check for pitting and regrease, check bottom bracket torque, etc.

every couple of months i like to take a saturday and rip my bike apart, degrease and lube everything and pop it back together.
i usually do it when i get new tires or new toe clips or new straps. and i usually re-wrap the bars. i love jerking my bike off.

I have the same problem with my track bike.
But my commuter only gets an occasional degrease/lube up.

Aside from the once-a-year post-winter overhaul, no. I inspect the cones on my wheels about once a month because they have come loose in the past, but that’s about it unless something is broken or I get a new part.

if it aint broke dont fix it???

thats my dad’s motto

I just keep my bikes clean and replace or rebuild parts as necessary. My good bikes anyway. I have a habit of hosing down my winter beater in the spring and selling it, and then acquiring another crappy bike sometime mid-summer to build into a new winter beater. Maybe I’ll keep this one, who knows.

Built 'em up right the first time.