Does this frame suck?

I was planning on getting and Alien frame to replace the boat anchor i ride now but with payment due in two weeks theres no way i could swing it. I was wondering around the web and saw this on ebay:|39:1|66:2|65:12|240:1308&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

has anyone ever tried one of these frames? Quality?

i really liked the look of the alien but I’ll settle for something with a similar look. Any suggestions?

I’d say it’s fine if you don’t mind those cable hangers on the bottom of the tt there.

yeah i saw those . . . .i wouldn’t feel to bad about removing them since it’s just a generic frame

$10 cheaper from their site: ... rodID=1100

They probably charge a bit more on ebay to cover the listing and paypal fees.

Contrary to their description, that ain’t no track frame. It’s the proverbial road frame with track ends. It even has shifter cable routing under the bb shell. THat said, especially if the tubing is butted it’s a big step up from a stamped dropout, shit conversion frame.

Why the hell are there shifter cable guides on the BB shell?

i saw these on their site too. cheaper and with cable routing guides. hmmmm
plus that green color sucks booty

I’ll take the orange one pleez.
That shit is hot fire!

i just need something better than what i have. I have some pretty decent parts on my bike now that will easily transfer over so I don’t need a complete bike.

for awhile i was staring at that Leader Messenger frame trying to convince myself that i could make it look decent but alas that thing is ugly as home made sin. I like the classic steel looking frames alot better.

mmmhmmm, that orange frame is slick. I could use one of those.

Ant should get the orange one.


i like these partially because they don’t have someone huge logo on it

The details one the first frame look like the Alien forks FIW

If I was going to get a lugged road frame for fgss, I’d go for something vintage and with regular horizontal dropouts. If you go this route you can get something way better than those frames for much cheaper. As long as you dont build it into a jarckass monstrosity you’ll have a pretty cool and legit bike, and with the horizontal dropouts you’ll retain the option of easily gearing it in the future.

the bike scene here is kinda scarce I’ll keep my eyes open

I have that frame! It’s actually a SE Premium Brew frame. If you want more pictures of something I would be glad to provide some. The logos are on top of the clear coat so it’s easy to remove.

yes post up some pics. how do you like it?

green frame is the SE Premium Brew frame, as someone pointed out already.

A few people have complained about the paint being super easy to chip (on the frames below). The chrome one is hot. Unfortunately it also requires some pretty damn long brakes (70-90 reach).

Get this: ... dZViewItem

165$ Faggin. So much nicer that anything you’d get a bikeisland.

Or get one of these: ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem