Post your scores here.

I’m not going to repost what I got a third time but I will elaborate some more. I’m going back on Tuesday to dig through all of dude’s parts. He wouldn’t let me get at it. Hope to find some dope shit.

Edit: Fuck it

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"Saw an ad on craigslist for a nice chrome Silca pump with a Campy presta head for 7.00 up the road from me. Made the drive, bought the pump and a Designer '84 Ciocc frame and fork with a cracked chain stay, record headset and bottom bracket for 10.00.

I asked if he had any records and scored some rare records including this one for .40.


And this one.


I didn’t know where to post this. Can we make a score of the day thread"

More on the frame: He attempted to fix it by attaching some weird ass metal band around the break and using construction adhesive to hold it into place. The frame is beat and it looks like someone touched up A LOT of the paint. 10.00 though.

Should I have it fixed? It’s my size.

Edit again: Pictures of frame.

Band around break. Construction adhesive and bolt. Messy.

OMG. This is the same fucking bike…almost.

I think this bike needs to be repaired.

Edit: Another.


how the fuck do you come up with $.40 as a sale price, face-to-face with someone?

Homebum-“You can have this record for a buck”
Erock (knowing it’s worth hundreds)- “Eh, a quarter?”
Homebum-“50 Cents?”
Erock- All I got is 4 dimes…

You’re the luckiest fucking cheapskate I know.

No, I bought like 20 records for like 13.00 or some shit.

Any decent frame builder should be able to fix that

Yeah, it’s going to happen.

Ciocc club!

ban for the autoflip infraction

went to a bike swap today, expected to post something cool in this thread…unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

that’s okay, it’s basically just another chance for e-rock to make the rest of us jealous.

I live in deal town usa.

Here are my last three. A woman came into the bike shop I work at looking to make sure she wasn’t going to get ripped off by selling her bike at another shop. I said don’t go there they are crooks, but I will buy it! So I did and ran to the ATM for the money for the Colnago. The 74’ Peugeot PX10 came from someone that answered my WTB bikes CL post. The WTB bikes post has worked in the past and so far in the last month it has got me two Peugeot PX10s (one even my size).

84’ ish Colnago Profil CX

74’ PX10

and the 72’ PX10 I got about a month ago for myself:

dat b/w px10
also nago

That PX10 is rad! Colnago needs some work but also rad.

Dude, you have to say the prices for maximum scorage calculations.

[quote=E-ROCK]That PX10 is rad! Colnago needs some work but also rad.

Dude, you have to say the prices for maximum scorage calculations.[/quote]

I won’t exactly say on the Colnago just in case someone stumbles upon the thread that bought something from it. It was a mix match of Campagnolo and Suntour Superbe so I parted it out. I have basically sold the whole bike in pieces just in a few days. The B/W PX10 was $225 and the big one was $400. The black and white one is going to a friend of mine since I guess it is a holy grail bike of his (he likes European gas pipe bikes normally). He is figuring out some bikes, framesets, parts he can use as a partial trade for it. The repainted PX10 had most of its original parts replaced with Campagnolo Nuovo Record plus I got all of the stock parts and the original Campagnolo boxes the new parts came in.

Pic of the extra parts that came with the 72’ repainted one:

Nice, man!

Profile cranks for $50 bucks. What what.

54cm gutterball for my gf with ck hs, velocity Rear veep, pake pink straps, 18t cog, seatpost, 1/8 chain, toe clips, bb, gold risers I think that’s it for 70 bones

Pic of the extra parts that came with the 72’ repainted one:

Do want those shoes.