EighthInch Scrambler Group Buy

It’s that time again. We’re getting in the bulk of our V2 Scrambers in this week so we thought we’d open the gates for group buys.

We’re requiring an order of 10 or more frames to get the discounted price of $110 per frame. If all 10+ ship to a single address we’ll ship them for free. If they go to unique addresses it would be $15 extra per unique address.

We can take credit card or paypal but we won’t ship until 10 frames are paid for. Once we get ten people in on the deal we can get everyone info on how they can pay. Here are some shots of the frame and some specs for those of you who haven’t seen them yet.

Eighth Inch “Scrambler” V2 Track / FixedGear Frameset
New on the V2:

Now included: Frame, Fork, Headset, Seatpost & Seat Clamp!

Raised the bottom bracket by 10mm to avoid pedal strike

Accepts standard reach brakes Front & Rear

New streamlined fork

Removed rear brake cable guides (can still use rear brake)

Water bottle cages spaced to use 2 full sized bottles

Limited run of WHITE frames available!

Note: Option for carbon fork only $30 extra!

Black or White now Available!

Includes matching Chromoly Fork

Includes Threadless 1 1/8" Headset

Made from 4130 Chromoly Steel

Butted Top Tube

True Horizontal Track Dropouts!

Accepts 700c Sized Wheels

1 1/8" Steer Tube

Includes 27.2mm Black Alloy Seatpost

Includes Black Alloy 30.0mm Seat Collar (see our colored salsa clamps here)

120mm Rear Spacing

68mm English (BSC) Threading Bottom Bracket Shell

Drilled for Brakes Front & Rear

Front & Rear Threaded Rack/Fender mounting holes

Weight (53cm) 4.9lbs [2220 grams]

Note: Frame comes blank (black or white) with decals included but NOT applied


  1. Can it barspin?
  2. Just the frameset or does it include the seatpost etc?
  3. I modified your signature as something in it broke every thread you posted in
  1. 57cm and larger can barspin. We sell headtube extenders for $24.99 if people want to barspin on smaller frames without going down to a 650 front.
  2. The frames come with everything pictured, frame, fork, seatpost, seatclamp and headset.
  3. thanks for the fix


o.o it comes with the frameset + more! :smiley:

Was wondering if there was any chance those decals were removed and it was just a plain white frame

how big of tires can these things fit?

Note: Frame comes blank (black or white) with decals included but NOT applied[/quote]

sweet jesus thats cheap

but so is this


interested in white

doods that ride the first group buy, how you like it? i’m not interested in trixxx, just a beater

ive seen anom weave words of such caring and affection that i originally thought were about LB, but turned out to be about his scrambler.

anyone have experience with the crabon fork?


anyone have experience with the crabon fork?[/quote]

also interested in crabon fork.

I really like mine, its a great beater bike. Having the extra 10mm height on the BB that the V2 has would be nice. Definitely a great bike for the money. The old fork is heavy but really beefy. I would totally buy the V2 in a second if snackie would let me get another bike.

i built up the V1 for the wife, and it was a great deal for the money. I only wish it came in a size smaller than 48. My brother just recently bought a V2 scrambler but is still building it up.

Ok I’m in for a 61.

Actually your in luck! It comes with no decals the come on a decal sheet separately so it’s your choice if you want to apply them or leave the frame naked as the day it was manufactured.

We put on a 700x28 Vittoria Randoneur and it was pretty close clearance with a brake. You may be able to go to a 32 but it may be pushing it. We don’t have any tires that size in stock so I couldn’t say for sure.

The Crabon fork is made of the the best crabon this side of the mississippi. Actually it is most likely from Taiwan. It’s actually a very well known brand but we had the company paint them black before sending them to us because we aren’t able to sell them branded due to dealer agreements. We can say that if the logo was still on it there would be a retail price tag of $200 on it.

Some people who bought them in the past may know who made them so maybe they can let you guys know! Our lips are zipped.

If I wasn’t moving I’d be in on this. Maybe after I move / start getting income.