Endpoint bikes (and Outpost) thread

Andy will likely get mad at me because we’re not supposed to tease new projects anymore… but Andy ain’t here!!!

Milk crate racks are creeping towards going back into production (in Asia).

Supple rando bike prototype may happen fairly soon.

MTB is shelved for time being while we continue to refine how we work with FBM (it’s getting smoother).

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Tell me more!

Yeah can you at least talk about how the rando will be different than the H/G?


Have you explored that ultra premium tange tubing? It’s got me interested. Looks like true temper s3 spec but for a probably tange price level.

Oh god yes!

this is the tubes I was referencing.


I think the Nord was 25.4 - 7/4/7 and 28.6 - 8/5/8
Kaisei 0.7-0.4-0.7

All these talk of tubes should be moved to the frame-building thread?

ignore this pls


I am super into this idea, and maybe this shows my naivete, but would this jive with disc brakes?

Not a problem if you use a nice sturdy fork.

buy nordavinden

endpoint make supple noodlebiek

wtf man why you do me like that

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More leaks

12mm thru front and rear
Flat mount brakes.
1-1/8” fork (all new design).
Internal dynamo wiring.
Will work with mk2 Milk Crate rack.

you are killing me here.

gonna use that .6/.3/.6 shit?

o damn. That 12mm shimano dyno might be in my future.

mmmm, internal wiring.

Given international shipping bullshit, import duties etc I reckon a trip to RVA might be in order. If nothing else but to ease the pain on Braden

I should bring up the wraith frames where they under specced the steel and had a lot of frame failures. There is a reason noodle tubes are reserved for custom hand build frames. FBM may or may not be able to handle the paper walls.

Considering lighter but right now 858 is likely in the cards.
Not FBM this go round… something new.

Unrelated but also this…