Endpoint bikes (and Outpost) thread

Hello endpoint peoples. I bought a basically scrapped first gen Coffee Grinder (QR for reference, I think it’s first gen?) from Nate with a whisky #9 fork (9/8 to 1.5 steerer). This would mean I’d need a ZS44/28.6 - EC44/40 headset, correct?


That’s correct.

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@EndpointBraden what happened to the rear upper mounts on the new Hunter Gatherer frames? I see them in your product photos and mentioned in the description, but my frame and one other I’ve seen posted here don’t have them.

Ooh… good question. After some hemming and hawwing we decided to leave them off. We should probably update that photo and description.


@EndpointBraden can you run a post mount rear brake on a current iteration coffee grinder with adaptor? ideally 160 but 140 would probably be fine.

i got out of the game before flat mount really hit so my waning knowledge is more useless than usual

Yes. Maybe not on a small. But definitely on a M or bigger.