Endpoint CG 54cm (not mine)

Built this up for friend and he ended up getting a murdered out S Works Crux (his loss).

It’s 19lbs if I remember right and probably the most bling CG I’ve seen. Wheels are Nox rims that I build for him. Axles are QR. Pretty sure it’s semi compact with 11-28, all Red. If you don’t want the 28 I’ll swap in an 11-32 Sram cassette (not red, but probably Force) and I’ll keep the 11-28. He kept the bike in amazing condition and didn’t ride it a lot. Is $3k fair? Come at me.

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This is sick

Super into this

You folks think the price is fair? Willing to hear constructive criticism.

i love everything about this other than my bank account

Could be higher atmo

Thought about listing on Paceline too. Where else do people reliably sell nice bikes these days?


I haven’t been there since I was banned years ago. Anyone else want to list it for me, lol

How’d you get banned?

Started here.


I believe this sealed the deal

Basically called out the hypocrisy


Well, apparently his friend posted this on ebay without telling me and take a look at the buy it now price.

I donttt neeeed ittttt

I’d flip the frame here probably and keep the build.

Fuuuu I don’t need this because I have the hg but this is what I want my Gunnar crosshairs to be

seems way too cheap to me. is your friend taking a huge loss at that price?

$3k seems fair. heck, $3500 would be fair for the parts + used price slash.

He’s selling to get the new Lightspeed instead. Not my recommendation, I have no idea why. I get them into gravel bikes and he and my other buddy have since started listening to shit from GCN and Bikeradar so I stopped making suggestions.

There’s one bid now so now it’s up to eBay (no buy it now anymore). He gets what he gets. Listed it before I had to chance to say it’s too low. I’m tapping out of giving it any further thought so someone is going to get an insane deal since it’s not posted anywhere else and few people into Endpoints will be trolling eBay for one. I bet someone here wins it which would be super cool. I’d rather see it get put to better use.

That’s a crazy deal but I just don’t need that shit

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Need to continue to talk myself out of it. $2k is a lot of money that I don’t need to spend on yet another bike. Still need parts for my fbm sword.

that bid disappeared. and unfortunately i don’t have that many moneys (technically my bank account contains them, but i may find myself up a certain creek between sup and literally bills, etc)

I thought CGs were TA?

I hate you posted this and I hate I realized that the reach is the same as my Large HG and I hate i’m going to be in the USA looking for a bike to ride