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Just for the sake of clarity, it’s a little misleading that all of the news reports are calling this a “bike lane”. This happened toward the southern end of the Hudson Greenway, which is an MUP that runs the entire length of Manhattan, adjacent to the west side highway. From midtown and below, the MUP is basically just like a sidewalk with a fairly dense mix of joggers, roadies, citibikers, crusty commuters, dogwalkers, etc.


Fairly dense? Hellishly dense.


Yeah, most of the time. I just don’t want to overstate it. It’s not the Brooklyn bridge.
In any case, there’s not much separating a busy road from a busy MUP right there.


May be only NYC driver that kills cyclist and goes to jail.


New idea to prosecute negligent drivers: Claim they shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they hit you.


NPR reporter earlier today said “bike lane” and quickly corrected it to “bike path”. At least it got the point across that it wasn’t just a stripe on the side of a road.


damn, i used to ride right through that section every day on my way to work.

i first heard about it because my phone gave be a fb notification that said

So-and-so and 3 other friends have marked themselves safe during The Violent Incident in Manhattan, New York

extremely weird way to learn of a tragedy


Just down the block from where I usually sit and eat a bagel most days I’m in NY. I spent the day waiting on hearing from my friends in NY. Most of my friends work at a company that has a lot of clients in 1WTC and take the greenway down all the time if they’re coming from uptown. Hearing that no messengers were hurt was a short solace, it just means someone else’s friend was killed.

Looking at the photos some of the bikes were those Blazing Saddles rental bikes. So probably some tourists on vacation.




I can’t wait for the backwoods internet commenters struggle deciding who they hate more: ISIS or cyclists.


So my brother George lives and works and bikes in NYC. One of the 8 people killed was his friend from college. We just found out. 3 million people in NYC and he’s friends with one of the victims, unreal…


since most of us were sucking at that game, I want to point out that this is an exemplary hot take


Damn, that’s rough. Sorry dude.
Also, this 79 year old person obviously shouldn’t have been behind the wheel


I saw an older lady just this week weaving in and out of the bike lane like it was a recommendation. Old folks + smart phones + cars is recipe for disaster


I saw an older lady just this week weaving in and out of the bike lane like it was a recommendation. Old folks + smart phones + cars is recipe for disaster[/quote]

Honestly, pick two and you’ve got a disaster stew goin’


raining this morning. i’m going west. woman decides to turn left immediately in front of me onto a side street. fortunately she hit the brakes at the last second, otherwise i would be in the hopstipal. bright-ass dynamo front light, light colored jacket. what more do we need to do??


Drive a car


ok that is true


I’ve been hit more driving than I have on a bike.
Kinda scary to think about someone driving who hasn’t taken any kind of tests or been certified in any way since they were a teenager.


Scary, absolutely. Surprising, not at all.