Executive Assistant Jackass of the Day


My bar for “acceptable Pinarello behavior” was pretty low, but…








Oh dear god, how is that real? Who approved this?

They posted this like 20 seconds ago.


[quote=Tail Hook Lengthener]Oh dear god, how is that real? Who approved this?

They posted this like 20 seconds ago.

Im not sure whats worse, the ad or the dudes on /r/bicycling who are rabidly defending it. Probably the dudes defending it.


Reddit’s gotta Reddit.


[quote=Tail Hook Lengthener]

Reddit’s gotta Reddit.[/quote]

Went on and got mad. I didn’t really realize it until now, but tarck completely replaced reddit for me. I never go on there anymore and now I wonder how I spent so much time there…

The reddit men’s rights crew really is worse than Pinarello.



Well you found where sol went.


Just popped into my inbox from Bicycling Magazine:


Lucas Brunelle is such a sad, lonely loser.


That’s sad. Was he always like that? I really loved some of his videos like Road Sage.

Apparently he’s an ex-local of my LBS.


I watched his videos on repeat back in the day. Pretty much figured he was never a dude I wanted to hang with.


Back in the sw8 fixxxxxxay days his videos were pretty cool to watch.

But now I know better.


Yeah bitches


The response from Helen Wyman’s husband was pretty great re:penisrello ad.




Lucas is a pain to ride with honestly. He’s fast and he’s competent but he causes problems with drivers and is is pretty aggressive. Even with a bunch of messengers who consistently take lights and take risks there are times where we just kinda roll our eyes. I can absolutely see a group of roadies refusing to ride with him.


After watching that video I’d tell him to fuck off too. Like, how you gonna chase them down to bitch at them after they already told him they don’t want to be associated with him? What a jerk.