Executive Assistant Jackass of the Day


Good choice, drama isn’t fun and really, if you didn’t get burned who cares


God damnit.

Apparently that guy with the horrible pista concept that posts jackass youtube videos went to the women’s march this weekend with the sole intent of being an ass, and rode his stupid fucking track bike through the crowd like the asshole he is.


Yeah that checks out




I hate that guy so much, please link the helmet cam footage when he uploads it.


I prefer the world where I don’t know he exists.


It’s really pretty uninteresting.

We have a chapter of FWOD here (women’s, female only, lgbtq+) bike ride, they all hate him as well. I’m almost enjoying watching himself gradually alienate himself from the entire Denver bike scene. I suspect within a few months he’ll be universally shunned.


Jesus, in two of the video titles he calls the participants Marxist “traders.” What a fucking moron.


Multiple layers of irony, right there.


Multiple layers of irony, right there.[/quote]

He’s really bad at words and using them.


I was gonna ask if he was dyslexic, but, now…


He deleted my comment calling him a fucking creep for following a jogging lady, so I felt compelled to reiterate my position.


Multiple layers of irony, right there.[/quote]

He’s really bad at words and using them.

“The Bianchi Pasta, or Pisti Concept”


Goddamnit. I had about a 3 month streak of easy, no-incident interaction with cars. No jackassery at all.

About an hour ago LB and I were heading to dinner, waiting at a stop sign for traffic to clear. We were making a left turn. Some dude in a BMW whateverSUV cut us on the inside while we were turning, and almost hit a car. Naturally, we end up at the stop light together, where I ask “what did you think you were doing back there”, and LB chimes in “that was incredibly unsafe, you almost hit us!”.

Immediately he breaks into “You shouldn’t be riding here” “I’m a cyclist and…” (it doesn’t fucking matter what you say after this statement, I already hate you.)

Eventually after some mildly heated debate, he concedes “I’m sorry, that was unsafe”. Great, problem solved.

Light turns green, but traffic is very backed up, we start to go our own ways.

“As a cyclist, I’d never ride on Downing during rush hour though, so think about that.” (we weren’t on Downing, totally different street. rush hour is not at 7:00pm, either)

I lost it and went nuculear. Started screaming things like “Don’t ever fucking tell me where to ride again” “You’re such a dumbfuck that you don’t know what street you’re on” “I will ride wherever the fuck I want”. My throat still hurts from it.

Why is it always bald dudes in BMW SUVs?


shout out to the five drivers who scowled/honked/gave the finger to the guy in the wheelchair who was at the apex of a right-hand turn this morning. wheelchair dude was in the street because the curb cut wasn’t clear of snow. i’m sure he’d rather be on the sidewalk. sorry you had to slightly adjust your steering wheel to avoid this guy.


This guy would get along fine with Durianrider. Maybe they’ll be an island full of these assbags.


Hell has a special place for fuckwits who honk at other drivers who are trying to avoid killing pedestrians or cyclists.


I hate durianrider, but I have about 8134771% more respect for him than for this lame fixie dude.


I saw a name I didn’t recognize and got really excited that the dude had joined the forum. Top quality accidentroll new guy.


Apparently some homicidal Prius driver tried to go head on into a group of fast guys today. There’s GoPro footage and it’s been reported, I’ll be sure to update as it develops