F/S Apple Iphone 3G 16GB (3G 16GB) UNLOCKED PHONE

spam :colbert:


can we have a chat

Annnd now it’s annoying.

totally annoying.
why is it taking so long to get rid of him?

no admins or mods are logged on. nice. troll will be here for as long as he wants to, i guess.

I have no idea. I vote we appoint me official garbage cleaner. All in favor, say aye.


All opposed? crickets

So it’s settled.

Artblur, autoban for giving me a seizure with your avatar.


and… hahaha

Ack! I had only the safety of the community in mind!!!

Think of the children!

I like it but I have no idea what is going on inside of the star.
Can we get a non-spazz colored version?

that’s part of my personal logo (it’s an E for Erik … don’t tell anyone that’s my name… it’s an internet secret)

& a tattooed version of it:

I think its some secert commie symbol.
Dirty pinko commie.

that’s a secret too.

i gave these ppl my credit card because i want an unlocked iphone, now my credit card company just called. I wonder if I’m getting my iPhone.

he’s banned.

i was at the doctor guys! jesus.

getting those genital warts burned off?

Should we delete these threads all together? Keep the signal vs. noise ratio down?

I guess tarck is finally growing up with spam hittin us now.

I guess that makes us official. Maybe it’s time for some Captcha new account security.

There is a captcha… must be a poor one though