fast bikes and fat tires

post pics plz

how fast?

and how fat?

not sure if fast.

28c back/25c front on my sweet fixie


I want to see 40’s squeezed into race frames

Road race frames? That doesn’t exist.

def not fast

[quote=blickblocks]NOT FAT ENOUGH

I want to see 40’s squeezed into race frames[/quote]

hell fat i’m gonna have to go down to 25c in the back when i put fenders on maybe you should just browse surly or that kilowt is more your speed

mtb frame??

do i spy peen?

Kind of the exact opposite?

do i spy peen?[/quote]

Likely just pubis bone on pelvis.

Not too fat, not too fast…


[quote=Cy Trivialities]def not fast


cy, i like you and am glad that you scored this from serotta forums, but holy fuck that brake cabling

lol that rear housing part? i ran outta ferrules, and these ones were stuck on the piece of housing, so i didnt wanna rip it off with a plier and risk crushin it.

Or the drop levers on the wrong sides part? lol i fixed that after i took the pic.

[quote=Cy Trivialities]not sure if fast.

looks like it has potential. it’d be semi-fast with me on it.

[quote=DDYTDY]Not too fat, not too fast…

should have some those in 25mm soon.