Favorite Tire?

Whats your favorite tire and why? :bear:

GP4000. Sticks to the ground like glue in the corners, lasts reasonably long, decent flat protection, and crazy supple road feel.

I made this thread a few months back. Not as many responses as I thought there would be.

As for me, I think I can honestly say Continental Ultra Sport in 700x23c. Grippy as fuck while still being cheap. If we wanna go high end, GP4000.

I have a pair of 700x32 Panracer urban max that I got on a craigslist bike and have been riding for over a year and have never flatted one (touch wood). They’ve been on three bikes and two wheelsets. I think the rear is starting to wear out though. Good thing they cost like 14 bux!

Michelin Pro 2 Grips, they only come as 700x23 . They wear out fast though so I wouldn’t skid 'em. I realized my love for these tires when I went out for a night ride last winter. I stopped to light a cigarette (yeah, yeah) and when I put my foot down, I slipped and fell because I had stopped on a giant frozen puddle. I even stopped mildly aggressively and didn’t break traction.

More important than anything else is your confidence in whatever you choose so you feel safe carving on 'em.

Michelin Krylium Carbons as a long lasting tire. I ride 20’s and 23’s of these. My geared can’t fit anything bigger between the chainstays, so I don’t buy bigger and can’t really speak to it.

I like Conti Sprinters, (tubular). Good flat resistance, grip…and kewl factor…Only one flat in three years.

Light wheels make me feel faster.

so far conti gatorskins, although i’d like to try evarwaers

City tire - folding Gatorskin
Mountain bike - Kenda Nevegal Stick-E/DTC mix
Clincher road - Pro Race 3
Tubular - Corsa Evo
Touring - Infinity Armadillo

I ride Gatorskins or my track bikes, but I love Pro Race 3s.

I like ProRace and the Michilin Carbon tires

I like Ultra 2000’s a bit better than the GP 3000’s. They feel a bit softer to me, which is nice because I’m a wimp.

I dig Small Block 8’s on cross bikes, but I just got a set of Ritchey SpeedMax on the Cross Check and they’re pretty nice also.

I’m thinking about getting a set of Panaracer Fire Crosses in like 700x45 for dorking around on trails up here, just because my frame can fit them and I dug them on my mountain bike.

back in my brakeless days i’d just rotate nashbar tires cause they were cheap and had lots of rubber on them, and that was economical and i didn’t get too many flats.

now i’m riding the same set of michelin lithions i’ve had since christmas and they’re the best performing tire i’ve ridden on any of my bikes. finally squaring out the rear but it’s amazing how quickly a brake will pay for itself in tires.

that said my friend’s old cannondale road bike had some pro race 3’s on it and those felt amazing.

Favorite clinchers - Pro Race 3’s and GP4000’s.
Tubulars - Vittoria Evo Corsa. But I’ve only ridden those and Gatorskin Sprinters. About to try out some Tufos though.

All in all tubulars make me feel faster (on the track) but a very high quality clincher like GP4000 leaves little to be desired. I like doing nice tires up front, whatever’s free in the rear.

I like the Maxxis ReFuse. I’ve only ridden a handful of tires though so I don’t have much basis for comparison.

Same here.

The more affordable Maxxis Detonator has also served me well, though they don’t ride quite as nice.

For commuting and touring I’ve been using a set of Panaracer Pasela Tourguards. Really nice tires that do what they’re supposed to and last a long time.

GP4000/ultra sport in front
folding gatorskin in the back
winter: nordic spikes
touring: touring plus

/conti whore

[quote=“tarckatina”]Favorite clinchers - Pro Race 3’s and GP4000’s.
Tubulars - Vittoria Evo Corsa…[/quote]

I’ve been running Vittoria Chrono EVOs on my hillclimb bike. 170 grams They seem delicate but might be just the thing for track or TT’s on nice roads.
I get them cheep at

http://www.totalcycling.com/index.php/p ... ncy&id=USD

Racing: Veloflex Pave
General Riding: Maxxis Detonator
City: Michelin Carbons or Maxxis Refuse

General riding/tubulars: Vittoria Corsa Evo CXs

i have vittoria zaffiro pro’s. theyre ok