favourite nomenclature

what do you like to call your bike or bikes in general? whips? bikes? fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxay?

right now i like “deadly treadly”

pretty of toppics but fuck it got biukes in the otpic

“bicycle” “bike”

ill be on my dedly tred if u wan me

Dandy horse.

in swedish we say “hoj.” I like stålhäst also, it means steel horse
english i say whip or bike.

bike or pushy

In all languages, I prefer to call it a “sweet fixxxxxay”.

big bike: road, fixed, etc
bmx: bmx

lmaoooo “anita”

vintage roadie

Fixie bike

las bicicletas

i love the way this one Italian customer i had called it. He had a very thick English accent and would say
“the fix it gear”

Oh man, new favourite

mah sweet fixie whip bro
if it has a freewheel then i just call em a beater bike