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Last fenders I purchased were the SKS for my Sundeal

You can delete this. Just testing

Quote reply is pretty great!

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You can delete this. Just testing

I have velo orange fenders.

This thread should never be deleted.

Ahh, now I see how to quote.

discourse also has mac desktop notifications

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Works on mobile too. Ferrari web forum here

Why would we delete fender chat?


I’m mounting skinny longboards to a roadbiek. Fender chat Q, should I drill the rear to mount it rotated so the front of the rear fender projects below the bottom bracket or mount as normal and use an additional rubber fender flap to extend below the bb?

I’d mount as is and use flap. Then the rear is low enough to help out fellow rider that might be behind you.

Thanks, I needed a kick towards altruism. Also the fewer things which need to be dremeled the better :slight_smile:

Also leaves the door open for rear buddy flap. If fender is rotated too for forward it would rub the tire.

I would mount so the fender protects the bb. then put rubber in the back.

back frontflap success. Only a few drops of blood spilt during the install process :sunglasses:


Man I hope this software doesn’t need a $5k service every 10000 miles.

Who’s the go-to US retailer for Berthoud fenders these days? The Berthoud website did me dirty by listing shipping as 0 euro, then sending me an email requesting an additional 75 euro after I already paid for the fenders (at 51.5 euro)

WTF, that’s not how this works. Did you let them know how you really feel?

bought mine from Ben’s Cycle. shipping was free

Wholesale is through EAI but boulder bike, compass, bens, and others

I definitely let them know how I felt about that and promptly cancelled my order. I’d definitely have ordered from Ben’s, but they don’t stock the 26" sizes, unfortunately. I did email them to see if they could get those for me, though. Haven’t heard back yet.