fenders and road bikes thrad

ITT we talk about fender options for frames with no eyelets and limited clearance, tricks and tips for smanging more standard fenders onto such bikes, cool fender-capable road frames and forks etc…

My suggestion: get a different frame.

All options are on the table including artisanal frame.

river city reach around

P-clamps and zip ties.

Crud road racers seem to work pretty well for most people.

PDW FMF are rad but way spensive

Main fenders I’ve used for roadie/fixie have to be the hardcore fenders. cheapish enough to where I can hack it up to fit whatever frame.

The main problem is that it’s difficult enough to pedal a bike without installing something which DRAGS ON YOUR WHEEL ALL THE TIME.

You can look up something called the “river city reach around” for the solution to your improper frame: Basically it involves taking full filth prophylactics, cutting them where there’s no clearance (fork crown, brake bridge), using kludgy P-clamps and metal pieces to fashion some almost good but still stupid full fender with gaps at the fork crown and brake bridge, and p-clamps to hold the stays on. Or get clip-on fenders. Or do a 650b conversion. Or just make something out of cloroplast, turn your drops upside down, put multi-colored tape all over your bike, and join the i-bob list and post about how the young kids these days are bad at riding bikes.

Alternatively, you can buy a cheap frame with clearance, put regular shit-blockers on it and ride your no clearance frame when it’s not raining.[/quote]
There is a kinesis? cheap alu frame, and several road frames which have clearance, such as black mountain, surly, jamis, rawland, and v-o.
Edit: I think kona steel frames can be fendered, too. I’ve had fenders on my paddy wagon for half a decade.

Yeah. 2013 Honky Tonk frameset is looking ok. I’ve ridden one. It did have some of the brick-like feel of a Surly but handling-wise it was pretty ok. Shortest chainstays of just about any fender-capable road frame I’ve seen.

The price is right and I can give minimal fucks. But then again I kind of want to give some fucks and have something awesome.

My rain bike is built like a vintage crit bike.

I have p-clamps front and rear. My rear fender is installed with a sheldon nut and the bracket (it’s a plastic planet bike) filed down to raise the fender up right against the brake.

The front fit, barely, without a sheldon nut, although it does collect some muck and clog up whenever it’s dry but damp on the ground.

Has worked pretty decent 2nd winter in a row. Clearance is tight, but it stays secure and i have very little problems. Just gotta spray the underneath of those fenders fairly frequently to avoid the build up.

Are you looking at running 23’s? Seems if you we willing to go for ever so slightly (as in, not really noticeable) longer chain stays you could run a slacker st angle and more BB drop AND 25-28’s should the need arise (with no real change to the rear center).

With some free time, zip ties, p clamps, Tubus brackets, Cateye mounts, a drill, some fender brackets, etc. you can make fenders work with just about everything in a pinch.

pdw heavy metals

[quote=dougganita]pdw heavy metals

How do these deal with no chainstay bridge? Does the ass end of the rear attach to the seat tube?

I’d ask why you’re so focused on getting down around 410mm chainstay length, I personally can’t stand anything below that coz wheelie city, and shit starts to feel right around 420mm

If going custom you can omit the useless CS bridge and have the fender mount to a boss on the back of the seat tube.

My RB1 has no brake bridge, a wine cork and a few zip ties solved that problem.

no rear brake bridge on an rb-1?


Thas what I said, swear to glob

i have put more fenders on in my two years wrenching than a man oughta
anything can be anything’d with some zipties and some p clamps
but its gonna rattle and be shitty
especially when you change a flat on the road

get the pdw’s man
sks raceblade longs highly modified also work well

I was told my Salsa La Raza is supposed to be able to fit 25s w/ fenders. I have 25s on it but no fenders. Wanna try it cuz hopefully commute to work more this year.

…Thats all i can add in here.

[quote=dougganita]get the pdw’s man
sks raceblade longs highly modified also work well[/quote]

how straightforward would it be to mod the PDWs to come straight up at the brake bridge instead of that ridiculous reacharound thing (have a monostay there)

and what is your approach to raceblade longs? I had to return the pair I bought because the radius was way too tight, they only just fit around a bare 700c rim

Could you use a double reah around to go on either side of the mono stay instead? Cannot comment on the race blade longs

All options are on the table including artisanal frame.[/quote]
Problem, meet solution: