fixed gear freestyle is the new aggressive inline

the parallels are there. you know it’s true.

I’ve been saying this since like 2006! Before it had a name.

It’d be good if they gave it a name like “extreme track” or “fixed radical” or something.

Do people still inline skate aggressively or at all?

I thought fixies were the new Rollerblades the whole time. They were/are right?

I looked it up a few months ago, and apparently you can still buy super expensive inline skates with graffiti shit on them. They look tight.

I don’t know if anything can ever approach that pinnacle known as “aggressive inline.”

both my cousins were/are professional aggressive inliners.

[quote=STACK CHIPS]duuuude!
both my cousins were/are professional aggressive inliners.[/quote]

My roommate from BITD was too. So, what’s the scoop, is there still a scene?

If you cruise through Trick Track occasionally, you’ll see that a good number of guys on there still ‘aggressive inline.’ Coincidence, I think not.

i know one person who still does aggressive inline. hardly anyone comes to the skatepark with them anymore

I got a super hot K2 inline skating lycra outfit from the flea market a while ago.

I’m planning on wearing it at an alleycat next week. I’ll be popping mad wheelies and barspinnin’ like a tornado, even if some of the organizing messenger dudes probably won’t be as amused as I will be.

my friend helps run it and does most of the photography. i don’t think it has or ever will be a profitable magazine, but there is still a bit of a scene in Australia.
and i know ‘aggressive inline’ was lame, but fuck, it was/is miles above fucking ‘fixed freestyle.’

I don’t see anyone aggressive inline, but I have seen an uptick in rollerbladers lately. I hadn’t seen any in probably 10 years until this summer and there are a lot of people in DC using them. I really just thought it had to do with being ok wearing sneakers with skirts among other DC atrocities.


I think plenty of people still rollerblade up and down their local MUP and shit, and there’s probably a lot of roller hockey in places where there is no ice, but fortunately, it appears as though aggressive inline has been relegated to the dustbin of history.

I often wonder though, will it ever make a huge comeback, a la skateboarding? Will some washed out old pro suddenly become the next Tony Hawk?

I see a lot of kids inlining in the various skate/bmx/ etc street spots around Edinburgh. I’m not sure if hteyre doing it aggressively though.

don’t speak ill of sneakers with skirts.

don’t speak ill of sneakers with skirts.[/quote]
perhaps i should clarify. athletic shoes with business skirts and pantyhose.