Folding Bikes because i'm not good at the clever names

Linkage fork for suspension, or just for folding?

Oh no I discovered Chinese brompton clones

Ali express


That final fold is… NSFW


Wow what can’t this bike do


FWIW there’s a brompton and a BF tikit in this house.

BF folds faster but larger and has more normal parts (v brakes, freehub, 130bcd cranks & UN54), plus I have a matching samsonite for it (requires disassembly). Rides better for me due to better fit and gearing.

Brom folds smaller, fits in car boot better, shade too small for me at 182cm.

I wonder if those ali-broms are related to neobike. I saw some definitely unlicenced clones in Taiwan in the early 2010s, with v brakes and 130bcd hubs.


I was restraining myself from enabling you down that rabbithole.

It does take away some of the cost out of the Brompton proprietaryness given you can get china copies of everything.


Good point. I was just searching some cheapie copies of tall rise Brompton bars for the kiddo’s bike.

That’s suspension.

Moultons do not fold. They are separable in about 2 min though.

Just popped up on my watchlist, 120€ folding tandem


120€ is like what, a gallon of milk?


The fenderline on this bike hurts my heart.


finally a real tire in 349mm

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Oooooh. Just what I need to kick me off the stump and start working on the tarcktruck!


there’ve been skinnier Schwalbe Ones in 451mm and 406mm for a bit

swift for $200? Yes/no?
can i do dropbars on these joints?

EDIT: looking at pictures it doesnt appear to fold small enough for me

the weather is turning and im having brompton fomo
why cant i find a junked up brompton to rehab

Reason 28 of 100 not to own a Brompton:

$75 rear fender!

i personally have never paid full price for a fender and my dream garbage brompton is no exception!

The fold is cute. A Bike Friday is probably a better bike.

I’m just tired of all the non-standard parts (and ridiculous cost of them).

Sup’s Brompton is downstairs with another flat tire. Can’t get motivated to fix it.


eh just buy chinese titanium versions of the brompton parts

we can’t really call them nonstandard when there’s a sustainable market for inter-compatible replacements and upgrades

it would also be pretty funny to end up with two bromptons when you were done

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