To Continue: Framebuildin' part 3

I was going back and forth between nova and paragon trying to order a bunch of braze ons, dropouts, small parts and stuff and then pagagon cleared my cart because I was taking too long.

For this bad boiii

edit- this has 430 reach and I donked it up for the photo


4mm wheel gap?

fitted with 3" tires, going to run 2.6. Just wanted to see how it fit up.


poop packing or gnar gnar?

trail bike.

You usually ride like a 56 road bike, right?

55 but yeah

Fork travel?

  1. or 140 if I buy this cheap manitou mattoc.

409 reach? Are you that t-rex-y?

my road bike is 375 so… maybe? It’s only 10mm less than usual for a medium frame.

on second look it might be a little short length-wise. I’m gonna think about it some more before I cut anything.

409 reach is what sup rides, and she’s about 5’3" and rides a 50 in road. For a trail bike, around 425 is a good reach.

I’d also steepen the seat a degree, and slack the head a half if you’re doing 140. Still fairly conservative numbers

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Friend built up a ht based off the Transition Throttle and has been quite pleased.
He messed up the mock up using old stans arch not the new mk3 stuff, so seatstays were a bit tight. But he is happy with it for everything from technical riding to some of the steep descents we have around here.

Is this the new artisanal Bikes thread?

my reach was supposed to be 430mm. I fucked it up in bcad somewhere.

Are the dropouts in the drawing what you need? I have a set of those low IS mount QR paragon things I got as part of a lot from Carl when he was clearing out stuff. No plans to use them any time soon.

I just finished another fast bike for fat tires but this time in my size. Designed primarily for 650x47-50 or 700 x 33-38 with comfortable clearances. Fork will be the new whisky flat mount CX. DI2 internal with modular external routing for rear brake/derper on the downtube. Kinda porky at 2000g raw tho. Just dropped it off at the powder coaters to get it done in Grape Forest Splash Chameleon.

Some frustrating issues tigging in the tight spaces around the chainstays, under DT and between the ST/DT. Under different circumstances I probably would’ve scrapped it but I wanted to have something new to ride at Grinduro :colbert:

I also think once I use the remaining set of these flat mount dropouts I have I’m going to move to the paragon Syntace system and do brake mounts seperately. It’s a real PITA to get these things straight, although the brake mount part is super easy.

I Am using the 12mm thru version that is currently out of stock. So I’m just sitting on my hands for now.

One thing I’ve thought of doing with my QR ones is opening the slot up to 12mm and using a Thru-axle with a Nut so it’s kinda like a big QR.

If you braze the nut on it is just a regular thru axle then.