Framebuildin' part 3

couldn’t find the other two threads but turpbike inspired me to get crackin again.

Here’s the lower HT/DT done-ish

looks aight.

favorite part, sniffin dykem

then i have a team of trained squirrels do some nibblin’

you brazed that before you even have all the miters done?
you crazy motherfucker.
where has your centerlines?

they’re on there, i sharpie a stripe then scribe it.

just hard to see coz camera sucks

i do the dt/ht first and then do the rest of the miters. it makes the most sense to me. It has two pins into the HT and one into the DT. I’ll use two pins in the BB (one each ST & DT) . I do a rough align, then the TT goes in.

wat u use for rear triangle alignment?

btw your workshop rules.

what are you using for your miters?

I have the tubes and everything to build a frame but got rid of my ghetto tubing notcher I used on my roll cage… it used a hole saw attached to a drill.

a hacksaw and a half round file

and phil wood brand elbow grease

i like it.
someday I’ll get caught up on life and then be able to attempt a frame, keep up the pics.

wheres zombie? his stuff is cool as fuck.

TC: one childhood summer day my dad made me wax the car. it was a sunny day and the wax sat for too long, so it was hard to get off. when I complained to my dad, he told me to get some elbow grease.

what’s that?

oh, elbow grease? go inside and ask your mom, I think there is some in the laundry room.

ok. *ask mom. come back outside pretty angry. get ridiculed by dad and older brother.


holy sloping head tube, batman!

the real question is, when are any of you guys going to be able to make me a frame

I probably will this summer.

72.5 HTA

I want to attempt to build a frame in metal shoppe

Gonna be awhile coz insurance

cross bike 27% done. needs to be aligned/pinned/cleaned/fluxed/realigned/brazed

lightning holes yo

hay turp, what order you do the main triangle in?

i’m thinking st/dt to bb

then ht to tt

then tt to st

did it a lil different last time

thats purdy.

i wanna build a frame…

72.5 HTA[/quote]

Woah. I definitely meant top tube.