Front Rack for Touring

This summer I’m planning to ride from Chicago to New Orleans on a self supported solo tour. Needless to say, I’ll be loading my bike down pretty heavily. I’ve been looking at front racks to take a pair of paniers and a load on the platform. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Surly Nice Rack.
I’m not sure how that thing will even attach to my crosscheck fork.

Jandd Extreme looks nice.

This Delta is interesting (obviously, I don’t have a suspention fork)

And then there’s this Nitto


the nice rack attaches at the midfork braze-ons and the fender braze-ons, i believe. they’re all sliding, so you can adjust it, or whatever. people seem to like the jandd.

i was just at harris cyclery the other day talking about front racks, since mine doesn’t have any midfork braze-ons, and what you can do is get the nitto (you can use the provided p-clips or just use the braze-ons), and attach a wald basket to it, which is what i plan on doing. it should be fine depending on how long you’re going out. (there’s a picture on the rivendell site if you look at the page for their atlantis.)

did that make sense?

edit: i didn’t read the op very carefully, so. but yeah, that’s what i’ve basically what i know. how do panniers attach to the nitto?

wrong forum, guy

I should clarify that my fork does not have midfork rack brazeons.

ahh, gotcha. maybe go with the nitto mini?

The jandd extreme, which isn’t the one you posted, has p clamps stock. Thing is a beast. get it.

Dude, I need paniers for touring not a basket for grocieries.

edit: thanks Patch.

Many touring frames I see have braze-ons for extra spokes. How do these guys with 36 count wheels and (presumably) such a conservative riding style on tour end up breaking spokes so much? Is the added weight really that tough on the wheels?

Sounds like bringing along the kitchen sink to me, but I’ve never been stranded like that.

zombie, probably and it never hurts to be prepared.

if i were going to mount heavy loads i would want to mount the weight as low as possible so i wouldn’t worry about an over the wheel load in the front.

[quote=“doofo”]if you are gonna be serious about touring you might give this guy a call

i met him earlier this week

he is hyper informative about touring setups and might have a kit of p-clips etc to mount a lowrider rack

i just bought a tubus duo from him and the thing is fuckin sweet[/quote]

true. also i might recommend getting a front and rear rack with the same tubing diameter, if you are interested in getting panniers for front and back from the same manufacturer. also, while the surly adspeak will try to convince you the merits of a steel rack - they are heavy. unless you plan on touring through patagonia or some such in back of beyond place i’d recommend an aluminum rack. if you do prefer the surly however, the mounting hardware does include p-clamps/provisions for mounting to a fork not equipped with low-rider braze-ons. good luck!

pass n’ stow?

Velo Orange has some nice racks too.

Tubus could be another option. I emailed the Aussie distributor a couple of days ago trying to find out where I can check them out in person. He hasn’t got back to me yet.

Well, I went to the shop and looked at what they had and wound up with the Jandd.
The thing is a beast.

(if anybody says anything about my choad of a stem I’ma smack em)

edit: Thanks for all the help guys.

Also, anyone know a good camping hamock?

I was going to suggest Old Man Mountain, but you had to go ahead and buy a rack. Asshole.

Seems like if you go the hammock route, hennesy is by far the most talked up for the job. I’ve never used one fwiw.

ENO if you want something simple that isn’t going to “replace” all of the usual sleeping gear. if you are well…everybody learns eventually.

So I should just bring my thermarest and tent and forget the idea of an awesome hamock that’ll replace both?
I’ve never done any bike camping, but I’ve done a ton of backbacking.

i’ve been doing weekend camping and been bringing two tarps (well a rainfly and a tarp) and just sleeping out under the stars. No tent to set up, but if it starts raining i’ll have some cover.