FS Buy my bike parts pile

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what do those BBs do

Wat kind of dangler is that

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Looks like an old 9sp XT

I may be tempted by those Hayes CX if they will play nice with 10s 105 droppy bar levers

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XT rapid rise.

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Kind of want can I get some better pics?

i’ve always been so curious about rapid rise but i don’t know if i want to go off the deep end


the finest, save for growtac (or so i’m told)

It’s worth it

plus if you like it, grant is working towards ensuring that something will exist. will it index well? idk but it’ll exist


I will second interest the Hayes CX pending scrub’s decision and pricing.


They connect the frame to the crank spindle, but they do so in a manner that still allows the spindle to rotate.

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I’ve got 3 pairs of the Hayes CX’es sitting in the vicinity of my bike mess, so I can back up the OG CXes with one of mine.

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Can someone explain the difference between rapid rise and regular? Can I friction shift that thing?

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Also, what’s the deal on the cranks. Tentative dibs on those.

Rapid rise is reverse. When the cable is loose it is in the biggest cog, when it is tightened it moves to smaller cogs. You can friction it.

BBs are

GXP , 1 ride, $30
Chris King ThreadFit 24, $60
SRAM Dub, $30

Deraileur is 760 rapid rise. it’s in great shape, was NOS and then I took the bike with it for 5mile ride. $95

Deore crank is 175mm M760 and I’d like $65 SOLD