FS: custom Gunnar Roadie Frameset and some extras

Welp, here we are. I dont want eTap, and I don’t want to spend money to un eTap it.

559mm stack, 382mm reach.

  • eTap only.
  • 28mm tire clearance, but a true 30mm would work. More clearance in the rear.
  • 27.2mm seatpost
  • 28.6 seat tube
  • BSA Bottom bracket

Great condition, just a few small scratches. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oH1Mvmj284rmXSu4A

$1700 with the Cane Creek 110 headset and cages (aliexpress special)

It’s probably way more than I can honestly get for it, and if you’re at all interested for a reasonable amount, send me a PM

Id be open to selling as roller! In fact, would prefer it…

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idk bump

Still trying to figure out what you mean by “etap only”, though?

No holes for wires, no cable stops

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i’d like to offer some radical candor here. selling the etap only frame without the etap is a bit of a reach here. glws

Comes with your choice of etap group for the price of whatever etap group you’d like. I’m not a bike shop

i don’t even get it. where did the etap go?


<voice=“scrooge”>Are there no zipties?</voice>


And yet you sell bike frames. Curious.


Don’t be mean

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One of the best things I heard at the bike shop was a question a customer asked one of our snarky salesman. “How’s that sarcasm working out for your sales?”. The look on his face was priceless.


That’s a fun story and can you tell me more on how it is relevant to this marketplace listing that’s gone off the rails? Is there something more you’d like to clarify so I can better understand? Thanks!

I’m sorry this isn’t going well for you.

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Can you imagine what it would be like for you if this was your item for sale?

are you able to ship to canada?


Is that sarcasm?

I can’t even imagine!


Y’all, I think we can mellow out on this one. Dude has a thing he’s putting out there to see if anyone is interested. Not really any one is. We don’t need to get all snarky about that just because the thing he has isn’t the thing you think will sell easily.

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I think “it’s probably way more than I can honestly get for it” is off putting enough to bring the snark