Garmin Forerunner 235 Watch

$50 shipped CONUS.

This is a well used watch, but everything is still functional. Has a couple mild scratches on the face. I have two bands for it, but the loop broke on both bands. So you can DIY that or figure it out. Will include both bands, band removal tool, and charging cable.

Battery life was still pretty good when I last used it. Had to charge every 7-9 days if I wasn’t recording any activities.

The specs list:

The tdrl;

GPS for running and cycling activities, optical HR (works OK), sleep/activity tracking, pairs to speed/cad. Use the garmin app to customize which phone notices show up o your watch by toggling apps on and off - nice basic smart watch features. Custom watch faces in the connect iq store.

Does not:
Doesn’t do Body battery, pulse ox, or anything more fancy
Does not pair to power meters


I have one of these that I’ll sell for the same price if we have two takers. I do need to find it first though, it’s buried in a drawer somewhere

I know Sup has been interested in a watch that looks less like a square and doesn’t need to be charged as often as her Apple Watch that she never uses anymore.

I know she wanted SPO2, so she will likely not follow through end, but I could let you know in an hour or two if she wants it

not to unsell you on this one, but i got the vivoactive 4s and I like the look/feel of it quite a bit and it does spo2. it’s a little taller than the apple watch (probably why it has better battery life), but similarly looks like a nice casual watch instead of looking like a sports thing.

the 4s is smaller than the 4, so you get a smaller watch face, but the band is also for smaller wrists. battery life lasts ~7 days.

the forerunner also lasts 7-9 days and is fairly light, but def looks like a sports watch.

yeah i have a vivoactive 4s, though i do NOT get 7 days. it was a refurb so maybe that explains it but i get like 3 or so days at best

do you have pulse ox turned on?
that might be it. i turned it off to save battery as it wasn’t getting good readings (prob not tight enough on my arm but my arms like swell slightly when i’m sleeping so i cant wear it tight) and battery life was much better.

pulse ox off. I could have sworn it does it occasionally.

HR always on, pulse ox off apparently. activity tracking on, move iq on, about to turn move alert off because its just annoying

my watch face might be battery hungry? idk but i like it a lot. you can put a bunch of different stuff there.
do you find the weather updates often enough?

sorry for shitting up your thread, but yeah i think no spo2 and sports means sup is probably out

watch face lookin extremely thirsty

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you can have pulse ox on all the time or just while you sleep i believe.

i turn off move alerts. they are dumb. you can exercise for 4 hours then go lay on the couch and it gives you move alerts the rest of the day.

i do use a more basic watch face. i dont like ti super busy. the only annoyance is i couldnt find a watch face i like that shows me the battery life of the watch so its always a surprise when it needs charging. i only record 2 activities a week (usually 2 1-hr gym visits), so no GPS usage which also keeps battery down.

i dont ever look at the weather.

@amy did anyone ever pick this up?

i tried it on FB marketplace too and had nothing but flakers. then one person who was gonna buy it and i even agreed to drive to meet her, then she was like “hm this is bigger than I thought, I don’t want it”

Ah, looks like it doesn’t play nice for outside swimming unless you put it in your swim cap. That was the use that might have pushed me over the edge and trying a fancy watch.