Generous Wind Fall To Spend

So, like the thread title says I have very unexpectedly been given a generous bonus (in lieu of a raise) by my boss to spend on bicycle related goods and or services. The amount is $1800 and now I have to decide what to spend it on.

I have narrowed down the choices to three (not so narrow ones)

  1. Custom built steel tourer/cross frame (probably from localish builder Rick Hunter)
  2. Campy Record 10 spd group for my T-Mobile Giant.
  3. $1800 worth of miscellaneous parts, tools and clothing.

I have never even come close to having this much monies to spend on bikes at anyone time and I feel a little spun out, so was looking for input from the Tarck collective. Other suggestions gladly received (including all go fuck yourself’s and the like). So what do you guys think?

Do you mean 11s?

Nope, 10spd is just fine by me. Also that way I don’t have to switch wheels just yet. 11spd Record is above that price range, although 11spd Chorus isn’t. So…

pretty sure you’d be able to find record 11 for 1800.

Yeah…don’t spend 1800 on 10s Record. You should be able to find 11s for 1800 no problemo. Either way, I don’t think that’s the best option; to drop an entire lump sum on a fancy shmancy group.

edit: obviously, it would be useful to know the kind of riding you do.

Most of the searches I’ve done have it over $2000, my lbs is looking around for any deals for me.

record 10 shifters on ebay are going for about 200-250… you could prolly get a full group for well under 1k.

Well, I’m not going to win any races any time soon so I don’t really need Record of any description but I do take the Giant out regularly for 50-100 mile rides. As this is a one time thing I feel like I should spend it on something I would never even consider buying normally. The frame would be the best value per use probably and last me a lifetime hopefully but still Record is tempting.

Oh, I know 10spd would not take anywhere near the whole amount to buy.

if you are going to get it get 11.
also 11 spd fits on 10spd wheels
buy the frame anyways.
also your name is stupid.

any stipulations on WHERE to spend it, or how soon? used parts ok?

buy sram red atmo.


also, 10s record. or even chorus/veloce.

i would get a frame built for sure.
nothing makes me happier than a bad-ass frame and some mid-range components.

Gruppos are disposable. A good frame will last ages.

Figure out your favorite material, find a builder you can groove with, and get sized up on some custom steez.

(x2) = $350



There are other ways to spend it of course, but $1800 will buy you a pretty ass kicking stereo these days.

Has to be spent on bike stuff and it has to be new stuff with receipts. No time or place limit. The stereo equipment would be nice, I’d only need the speakers and cd player as I already have a McIntosh amp and turntable. But no go, only bike shit. I think cause it can be written off easier by my boss. As for the username, it was a nickname given to me a long time ago and has stuck. Works for me so AYHSMB.

nothing like a frame especially designed for you atmo

Ok. I vote frame then.

Or a Curtlo and some speakers maybe. :bear: