get me into absurd tail lighting

oh wait, i’m already in

i don’t care who you are, you can’t look at these for more than a half second without temporary blindness.
if you have something other than a pbsf, post it.

How long do the batteries last with your ass rocket double flashlight collabo?

In addition to the mandatory PBSF ownership, I’ve got a fender-mounted Spanninga SPXb:

It’s not crazy bright but the batteries last easily 100 hours, and it only has one steady mode — it gives you none of the flashing bullshit.

I think I’m going to try some of the PDW battery lights too, though their Fenderbot looks inexplicably worse than their Radbot models. Also planning on making my own taillights for generator bieks (have one now, buying another).


somewhere around three-five. rechargables.
planet bike super flash.

Two Superflashes are all I need, but if I get that SON 20R I’m looking at this thing

2 superflashes?

Yes, because it’s twice as many.


although I lost mine :frowning:

interested in your mount though, is it diy or did you buy it?

does completely blinding the driver’s of passing cars somehow make you feel safe?


i wouldn’t think that blinding a driver who is driving past you would be a good thing…

Yeah but it also makes sure that nobody will ever want to ride with you ever, so that’s a bonus

EDIT: Oh shi- one less Bike Scene

^ :bear:

I like the concept that most commuters have around me thatt 5 lights are better than 1.

2 I can kind of understand… but do you reallly need 5 bike lights? I mean seriously. If hteyre all the same brightness, then they have the same level of visibility. Unless maybe you taped them all together into a big cluster, in which case i could sort of see an increase in visibility.

What does happen however is that I regularly mistake them for a travelling rave or christmas tree.

Also how does your water bottle not fall out?

[quote=bexley]Two Superflashes are all I need, but if I get that SON 20R I’m looking at this thing


that’s the way to go. fuck batteries.

B&M 4D Lite Plus… freakin’ great.

I have this fender mounted Spanninga pixeo xs from velo orange.

Dynamo powered, super light weight, and costs only $20. The standlight lasts a very long time, over 4 minutes, and stays pretty close to the brightness of the light at full power. Because there is no off switch and the standlight looks like it’s burnin’ batteries at a pretty good rate, prepare for 10000000023 people telling you you left your lights on.

word on the street (BOB) is that the b+m fender mounted dynamo light is brighter. But this is ok. When visibility for cars is utter shit (in heavy rain and whatnot) a seat stay mounted pbsf makes me feel better.

real talk: fukka pbsf

[quote=bexley]Two Superflashes are all I need, but if I get that SON 20R I’m looking at this thing

Do these work without the E6 headlight? Peter white says no, but it seems like you could find why that is somewhere and replicate the required electric trickery to make it work pretty easily, no? I just run two superflashes, like you, now, one on the left CS, other on my saddlebag or backpack. But, I’d love a dyno light to replace the bike mounted tail light. Not 100% into fender mount ones since I’m not sure I want to require the fender to be mounted, but it is appealing to be able to hide the wire under the fender the whole way. I always have at least one backup light on for real (not just commuting) night riding, but having only one that requires batteries is just two less batteries to carry.

More tail light geekery: on the “so bright it’s blinding” front, what’s the thoughts on how to mount them. Do you point them slightly down so that they illuminate the road behind you some, and aren’t as bright when others pass? Or up, so they point at vehicles/people?

Check out this rad E3 tail light mounting by Corey Thompson:

i’m a huge proponent of aiming shit straight back, unless it’s seriously painfully bright like my luxeon k2 emitters.

also, i’m even bigger on integrated lights… while that mount is kinda ugly in a “serves no other purpose and adds metal” way, it’s awesome to see it provide that integrated space.

those heavy seatposts swobo sells are badass. i want there to be a similar fork available.