I just tossed myself over the front of my bike and landed directly on both hands earlier today. the resulting scrapes and bruises are making it tough to type, and also making my wonder about gloves- what are good, what aren’t, anybody out there have opinions or experience to share? I’ve never ridden with them before, but will probably be seeking some out tommorow.

I like full finger gloves. I used to wear gloves all the time but got tired of my stark white hands compared to my tan arms.

I want a pair of full fingers but I absolutely cannot ride without a pair for more than a few blocks. I feel naked.

I wear Mechanix gloves and I love them so. I’ve tried a few other things-Pearl Izumis and such-and Mechanix are by far my favorites.

When it gets really cold I’ll throw a pair of these on over the Mechanix:

Gloves are like saddles, they’re pretty preferential. I like the old crocheted kind, because my big hands don’t fit comfortably in all but XL gloves, but those XL gloves are too large in the wrist to close properly. Anyway, just go into a bike shop, find a pair that fits comfortably, and drop the $15-25 on something you’re going to use every day and trust your safety too.

Specialized makes nice gloves.

Fox MTB gloves. I use the Mojave pair right now. Good stuff.

I wear half finger gloves.
I don’t really have a brand to recomend.
I’ve used all sorts of gloves from six dollar performance ones to thirty dollar pearls.
They all work, but the cheap ones wear out really quick. (Like a week of all day riding)

I double wrap my bars, but that does dick when you crash. Pearl Izumi makes a good glove. I had a pair of crocheted gloves, but they fell apart after a few long rides. The PI’s have lasted 4 months and so far no complaints. But yeah, double wrapped bars provide enough cushion for my commute. Longer rides I use the gloves.

Mechanix gloves or old crochet cut offs.

I rock the crocheted gloves every now and then. But 9/10 it’s some Pearl Izumi full-finger things. Like $21 at Performance or REI.

+1 for Pearl Izumi but I think I’m going to need some full finger gloves this winter as I find the mechanix ones I was using uncomfy because of the elastic.

I got a set of these at Performance for $4.99- they arent that cheap now… but still a good deal. ... ry_ID=1140

I got a set of these at Performance for $4.99- they arent that cheap now… but still a good deal. ... ry_ID=1140[/quote]

i have a pair of those. i also have a pair of louis garneau gloves i got at a swap meet, and they are incredibly comfortable and well made. the crochet looks good, but gives you weird tan lines.

the fox digit felt like heaven, but not a whole lot of palm padding. put some on though if you ever see them.


I got a set of these at Performance for $4.99- they arent that cheap now… but still a good deal. ... ry_ID=1140[/quote]

Yep, these are the ones that I use. I had some Trek crocheted gloves too, but I left them somewhere when I was unlocking my bike. I actually need to find another Performance, because I want to buy another pair just like them. Mine are still comfortable and have lasted for well over a year, but they’re starting to look a little warn, and it’s always nice to have backups.

Never felt it was necessary for any of the warm weather riding I’ve done up to a century. On one of my 80+ mile days I got a little bit of numbness and I’ve considered getting a pair for long days in the future. Seems to me that they’re way more trouble than they’re worth for around town riding - of course when it’s cold I wear em.

I think it’s kind of unnecessary to wear gloves just for crashing honestly. Maybe for mountain biking, but if you’re falling that much on the road (barring racing)…

Try not to stick out your hands.
Get gloves anyway.

I got some full fingered gloves from Chainlove. Gloves are protective more than anything.

Wearing gloves for crashing is smart… thats just like saying wearing a helmet for crashing is unnecessary, i dont hit my head a whole lot but when i do i want something there.

I don’t wear gloves often but when i do their just cheap fingerless ones.