Group buy fail

I need help from fellow tarckers that bought Arrospoks from fixedgnar in the Arrospok group buy.
I have never received any tracking information and never received the wheels I paid for. It seems like fixedgnar does not come here anymore after the deal, and no response from sending emails to his paypal email. I could not file a paypal claim and get my money back because it is x amount of days past paypal’s claim window.
Can anyone here contact this guy or know this guy?

wow. fuck this guy if he is a scammer

That is the word I have avoided for now.
Being overseas and dealing with shipping nightmares, I can understand how the shipping company fucks up sometimes. That is why I have taken a while to wait a “reasonable” time before posting this here. I have seen shipping mishaps where things have taken more than 2 months for something that usually takes a week.
But it has been close to 3 months since he sent the others their wheels.
Thanks in advance for any help you guys might be able to offer.

if you can find the thread, he posted a pay stub from the bike shop he worked at. you could use that to call them and get a hold of him personally.

From the post your real name thread:
Joshua Robert Baird

From the Aerospoke interest thread:

Good luck. Considering he left all his photobucket links functioning, I’m guessing he’s not trying to be scandalous.

dude made some remark at one point about how every time he gets a 'spoke he has to sell it because he needs the money and he’s always wanted one and it hurts to look at all of them in his garage. i’m sure that fucker is riding on yours right now. why else would he quit coming here?

Casting aspersions is probably not helpful in these circumstances.

any updates?

maybe a fellow tarcker who lives in his area could pay him a visit at work & politely ask for a tracking number.

if dude doesn’t come thru, maybe we can take up a collection to pay kaido back. If everyone kicked down like $5 or something, we could prolly get him reimbursed pretty quick.

For a tiny baby on a tiny bike who can only afford a black and white camera you sure are smart.

I’m glad this wasn’t about the wool jersey GB

does this guy live in portland? i think i know some people that could help out.

some XxX ppl

sXe 8==D hXc

X the fuck up.

Time for a Tarckmob.

Where’s Jeezy? I’m sure he can take care of this.


3-D through a picnic table