GT love

Got so much love for GTs lately.
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[quote]1990 GT Tachyon. One of the infamous “700D” crossover bikes GT made.
This is a cool bike. Why is it so cool? Besides the fact that it’s basically a drop-bar mountain bike, it’s also compatbile with 650B wheels. GT’s proprietary-design 700D wheel size didn’t catch on, and in 1993 they started using 700C wheels and dropped the 700D wheel size from their lineup. The E.R.D. of 700D wheels is 587mm. The E.R.D. of 650B wheels is 584mm. It’s such a small difference that you can built up a set of 650B wheels for this bike and they will line up perfectly with the brakes and have no clearance problems, even with tires like Pacenti Neo-Motos. For more info on GT Tachyons, and photos of some with 650B wheels, go here:

so rad.

<3 …

gt love fasho

Triple ring

Pie plate, too. Still…

why did that shifting system get discontinued? Looks like all the advantages of brifters with all the advantages or barcons. am I missing something?

You are missing the part where it has none of the advantages of brifters (can’t shift properly in the hoods at any position it seems).

You are missing the part where it has none of the advantages of brifters (can’t shift properly in the hoods at any position it seems).[/quote]
wow you’re right, that seems like the worst place to have those then.

That rear brake is awesome. Sorta looks like some canti take on dual pivot road calipers.

pretty much. i think Shimano was the first to make these with the Motion u-brakes. now they’re pretty much only found on bmx bikes. Odyssey made a version of dual pivot road calipers for bmx in the late 80s/early 90s under the Pitbull name but those were phased out pretty fast once 990s took over for freestyle. I think canti v-brakes didn’t really catch on until the mid 90s.

i want!

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i been givin the gt love this week.

i haven’t been giving the GT any love, mainly because i haven’t been mountain biking for a few weeks. stupid school work.

i was going to bid on this but it’s going out of my price range

[quote=bward1028]i was going to bid on this but it’s going out of my price range[/quote]

that’s a badass bike.
definitely a high quality frame/fork

my shop carries GT. I just got rid of my GTB.

dq-i associate gt mtbs with crap since i see so many shite ones and among the ranks of mtb bike porn i rarely see any gts. are all gt mtbs crap or did they make any nice ones?

the GT force is pretty badass, as well as the marathon.