Which to buy or not to buy

To protec my scull

How conspicuously do you want to consume?

I am interested in this. I get a new helmet most years due to style considerations. Budget is typically infinity.

Here’s what I liked: giro atmos and aeon
What I didn’t like: lazer z1

I would like to buy giro again but I was on team boycott for guns


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If you like the Aeon, I’d recommend the Giro Synthe. It feels to me like the right and proper successor to the Aeon

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Fan of the Giro Synthe as well. Look around and you can sometimes find good end of season deals on them, think mine was ~$100 off retail.

What’s the hippest most stylish helmet? @Patch said sweet and smith.

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Am I still supposed to boycott giro?

I really like this hamlet


probably not going to win the style awards, but I have the mid-range Specter WaveCel helmet from Bontrager and it’s pretty comfy and supposedly pretty good at absorbing crash damage :man_shrugging:

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i buy mavic helmets because they are cheap af on competitive cyclist and fit my skull

I really really love my Spesh Airnet.

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Whatever comes in bright pink.

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ye i got them packing foam wavecel jawnz too but it is yuge compared to my kask/giro hamlets of yestore-year

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this jawn got me tempted

I’m so often between m and l tho. my medium airnet is perfect except for a thin buff or whatever being the max i can fit under it.

an old scott wit-r i got on megacloseout was the best thing ever but its so long dead and my airnet is like 3+ years old now and has a lot of miles on it.

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I think I’m going with this in large blue

So they divested on guns but are still focusing on ammo? :thinking:

" As the company now looks forward, the focus is on ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories, hydration bottles and packs, outdoor cooking products, and cycling/ski helmets and accessories."

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Dunno. The sale of Savage was enough to get REI and EMC placing orders again.

I leave boycotting a well-established brand because their holding company has some questionable interests to others.

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