I like my poc octal air.

The new inexpensive POC thing is pretty darn nice @Andpoint_Endy has one.

New mid-tier Giro stuff has remarkably good fit and lines.

Kask still makes the best stuff though, the Protone and Valegro are still the two best helmets I have ever placed upon my dome.

I just picked up a Giro radix. Super happy with it so far for the price.

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Is giro officially off the banned list?

Yea I bought one and just kept kinda quiet about it.

Giro Manifest is really nice. Price is on par with full-face jawns, however, so wait for blow-out sale on Jenson or Competitive Cyclist.

Kinda looks like they glued two different helmets on top of each other, made me think about:


Browsing through the other Giro stuff, I find the Bexley that lists an “integrated rear light for added visibility”. Didn’t expect this:

FYI, the lithium ion rechargeable battery integrated is unfortunately pretty small despite the hamlet weighing a bazillion pounds. Mine would rarely make it 2.5 hours for the daily commute round trip (in steady mode, flashing lasts longer). The light diffusion design is pretty cool though, doesn’t really look like a lamp when turned off.

MS paint?

Nope, that’s how it actually looks


christ maybe we just need to ban cars


Sweet Falconer II
ABUS Gamechanger
HJC Furion 2

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I have some of that color as vinyl wrap to do my helmets up.

looks like i found my new hamlet. mips. good color. $150 (and i have shimano account)

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I take this lukewarm take back, cool helmets itt