Handlebar Bags

Anyone have any good recommendations for handlebar bags. I’m looking for something modern that attaches to 31.8 bars and doesn’t require a front rack. Basically, I want to make my fast(ish) road bike quasi-rando for longer unsupported rides.

Banjo bros has a few of these. Not really rando chic though if thats what you’re looking for.



Not familiar with Banjo Brothers products. They good?

I’ve been looking at Arkel, Ortlieb, or Lone Peak QR bags thus far:

I want a bar bag and med seat bag instead of the panniers. I think.

I am not sure if I want a style similar to the ones you guys posted or Riv/Velo Orange type ones. the good thing is, I don’t have money now for a bag and have plenty of time to decide.

I saw this at walmart and, was impressed. its smaller than what u guys are probably looking for though

[quote=antcave]I saw this at walmart and, was impressed. its smaller than what u guys are probably looking for though
i really like that, but cannot shop at walmart

I’ve got a transit one from Performance.
It is ugly and was cheap and has a map pocket.

I got a cheap one from Nashbar. Its qr clamp system is too small to fit on my 26.0mm bars. I use a cheapo i got from the bike coop for £2. You’re supposed to hang it from the bars but it gets really floppy… it was creating a shiny spot on my front fender. I figured out how to make it work with a (nashbar front) rack and now i’m laffin.

that walmart bell bag is such a piece of shit. super fake leather that will most likely fall apart in a week of regular use. As you can see I almost bought it at one point.

i had a lone peak for a while, and really liked it, but any/all of those QR clamps look pretty awful when the bag is not mounted. i suppose if you didn’t care, or had the bag attached at all times (barring in store runs etc) this is unimportant. what about somethin’ from acorn. they are a small company, made in the states and customer service is supposed to be friendly/good.

among rando-geeks i ride with their boxy-rando bags are considered waxed gold!!

[quote=littlebear][quote=antcave]I saw this at walmart and, was impressed. its smaller than what u guys are probably looking for though
i really like that, but cannot shop at walmart[/quote]

Diggin this! And I can shop there cause of the thick latinas.

I was at Wal-Mart the other day and they have White Lightning.

Anyway, Banjo Brothers stuff is great, I love the messenger bag from them that I have. Their customer service is top-notch. If you’re looking for something a little more old-school, Banjo Brothers makes a line of canvas bags called Minnehaha. I haven’t seen any IRL but I’m sure the quality is high.


I am explicitly looking for something new school. This is for a road bike with race geometry, carbon fork, etc. In fact, the “small” bags might be too large. I’m just recalling some descents I did the other day with a small handlebar bag that had a little weight in it. The front end got wobbly in a weird way.

bento box?

Then why not get a larger saddle bag?

Then why not get a larger saddle bag?[/quote]thunder thighs/powwa legs
i have this problem

[quote=rabbi][/quote]thunder thighs/powwa legs
i have this problem[/quote]

I completely understand this. I hate mounts for blinkies and saddle bags rubbing my thighs.
But you can get a mount that will move the saddle bag rearwards.
MIght be a little larger than what halbritt wants and my bag is not new school styling,
but I have no thigh rub at all and my front end handles fine:

And… I don’t know. I go through this dilemma every month or so. Basically, I’m looking for something I can put on my road bike to do longer unsupported rides. Every time I think about this I vascillate on something or other and in the end, just decide that I need to build another bike.

That bike is the one in question. I was also contemplating something like this:

But then I have to put a rack on for every long ride.

clamp on rack would be faster, you could even have two seat+seatpost combos and switch the entire post with one bolt!