help crank removal

having a problem removing my cranks
got the park tool ccp-2 crank puller…
that’s what i was told i needed by the ben’s cycles guys to remove my sigino 75’s
no luck.
i think the head of the puller is too wide
does this make sense to anyone?

Is there a pad like thing that screws into the head of the puller. Mine has that and it’s for pulling octalink cranks remove it for square taper.

ah ha!
let me try that

It has a thingee?

didn’t work that way either.
the pad is almost, if not exactly, the same size as the rod

what the fuck are you two talking about?

read that a half hour ago.

give us a pic of your puller (as it is right now)
caus i dont know what you guys are talking about

Mine’s like this with the removable big pad thingee.

Except with a built in handle.

i don’t have my camera… but it’s the same one as the link u just posted

my pad is the smaller one… i think it may not be small enough

oh ok i get waht your saying

now whats this rod blurs talking about?

park tools calls it the internal driver

i use something similar to the pic

the bigger bolt threads into your crank (same thread that was holding your dustcap).
thread it all the way in

then you crank the smaller threaded bolt ( the one thats atached to the crank puller) throught the big bolt so it pushes on the bb , your cranks should just come right off.

i’m using a lot of force & it still doesn’t loosen, which leads me to belive the pad and/or the internal driver are too large & they aren’t hitting the actual BB bolt thingy

that means its the right pad

Thread it in ALLLL the way!
With a wrench!

Did you take the washer out? Some crank bolts have washers.

Try taking the thing that threads into the crank out and checking if the internal driver fits within the square.

i don’t think there is a washer… unless it’s square?