Help me figure out what to do about my three cross bikes.

I need help thinking this through.I’ve considered most of my options and can’t make up my mind. Something has to go. I like all of these bikes.

The Giant is lighter, faster, more responsive, and is less rigid because of the bad ass fork. Braking isn’t as good but some Kool Stop Salmons would do a lot of good.

The Salsa is a little bit heavier, stays at speed better, has better braking, can take larger tires etc.

The Philippe I’m going to keep. Period. I just don’t know in what form.


  1. Sell the Giant as is and keep the La Cruz. Maybe buy a carbon fork to soak up da chatta.

  2. Swap Rival over to the Giant and sell the Ultegra Group. Sell La Cruz frameset and use leftover parts to build 29er(or sell all of it which isn’t cost effective)

  3. Sell the Giant frame and Easton EC90X fork and swap Ultegra and FSA wheelset over to the Phillipe. Sell the stuff that’s on the Philippe.

  4. Sell the La Cruz and keep the Giant

  5. ???

The Ultegra is wayyy smoother than the Rival. The Rival is lighter(not much) and better looking. The Rival rear derailleur likes to throw the chain off of the pulley which is frustrating but not really a deciding factor. I’d ideally like to keep both groups.

I feel kind of ridiculous consulting you guys on what I should do, but I need some help figuring this out. I don’t have a job and something has to go. Most of my riding is commuting and when I do “go for a ride” it’s usually partially paved and mostly fire roads and some single track.


Edit: maybe I should have posted this in dumb questions.

swap ultegra to phillipe, swap EC90 to salsa, sell giant frame, sell phillipe components

I’d sell the giant frame/fork, swap ultegra to the Phillipe (sucker for classic frames with modern groups), and buy a carbon disc fork for the La Cruz. Of course, I lust after the La Cruz, and now I have forced myself to live vicariously through other La Cruz owners with my Soma decision.

or just sell the salsa outright

oooh didnt think about eth salsa being disc. put the ec90 on the phil. ec90 frok do no waste atmo

The EC90 doesn’t have a disc option. I thought about it, but canti in the front and disc in the back…?

And the EC90 won’t work on the Philippe.1"

wish i had this dilemma.

i would prob sell the salsa. leave the philippe with older parts/bar ends and just cruuuuise

Simple matter of a new steerer - jeesh!

I have a problem. I can never cruise.

Maybe I’ll sell the Salsa frameset and wheelset and throw the Rival on the Philippe. Ooooooooh

Step 1: Sell the Phillipe to me.

Step 2: Who cares?

But really, what are your priorities here? Which do you actually ride the most? Least?

whats your problem :colbert:

i would just keep the giant and the phillipe. keep both brifter groups.

Well, I just got the Giant and have been riding it the most the past few days. The La Cruz I was riding the most before I got the Giant. And the Philippe isn’t even in riding order. I was away from both bikes for a month and haven’t had time. I’m leaning towards a Rivalized Philippe and selling the Salsa frame, fork and wheelset.

i’d keep all three to save myself from all the regret i’d be feeling from getting rid of any of those.

And find other ways to get money.

Probably what I would do. Discs are cool but I don’t like not being able to move wheelsets around to different bikes.

[quote=Cy Trivialities]i’d keep all three to save myself from all the regret i’d be feeling from getting rid of any of those.

And find other ways to get money.[/quote]

I think three cross bikes is a bit overkill.

On a side note, is it possible to have the stays on the Philippe spread out so I don’t have to dish the rear wheel?

you mean 126 to 130?

Keep the Phillipe, sell the others.

It’s very possible and easy to cold-set the stays, although it’s not necessary. It’s a very, very small distance to cover, and it’s easily accomplished by pulling on the frame slightly when you’re setting the wheel in. If you have your heart set on 130, then most shops can do it for a minimal charge, or else follow Sheldon’s instructions and do it yourself.

I rock a 130 wheel in my 126 frame. It’s not coldset and I’ve never felt the need to. If you have arms you can spread your stays 4mm every couple of weeks.