Helping strangers (with locking)

I live with a bunch of wannabe hippies and delusional people who think that theft is nonexistant and that I am insane for using a cable through my front wheel in addition to a U lock whenever I lock up for more than a few hours. People have seriously scoffed at me while I ulocked my bike up, and there are seriously some crazy people who just don’t believe anyone would steal a bike.

Of all things, the other day there was an unlocked BMC pro machine sitting in front of the local whole foods. Initially I figured it’s owner was somewhere really close by eating lunch or whatever, but It was there later in the evening when I drove by again.

Crazy people

I talked to this kinda cute / frumpy art school girl about her lock job as she was unlocking. It was a department storey mountain bike with only the front wheel locked with a ulock. I introduced myself (as the motherfucking Z) and apologized for being nosey. I explained the issue with her method. “don’t these come off easy though?” “It’s better they walk away with your wheel than the rest of the bike”

She didn’t seem annoyed or glad, maybe she has no personaliy.

I dunno if I could have stopped myself from jacking it.

how can one be cute AND frumpy? i never though the two could be mutual.

Cute/frumpy is like my ideal woman.



I dunno if I could have stopped myself from jacking it.[/quote]

And the double entendre award for the day goes to…

I dunno if I could have stopped myself from jacking it.[/quote]
one touch leads to another, then you are jackin it and you cant stop yourself

re: cute/frumpy. Hang around your local art school campus and you’ll see what I mean.

I know exactly what you mean.

+1 :bear:

I thought about making a diagram with the sheldon locking and the chain on the front wheel and then turning it into a spoke card, and just leaving it for people with jackass locking methods.

I get “helped” occasionally. I use Sheldon’s method. “Dude only your back tire is locked!”

Cute/frumpy is pretty much the art school de facto standard. Pretty funny as of late because leggings are now in style so the frumpy ones look frumpy x2.

This is not a good look for anyone.

This is not a good look for anyone.[/quote]

Thats not true. My exgf was a short little runner with some banging legs and hips. She rocked leggins like no other. Its all about the girls leg silohette, and most girls have bad to mediocre legs.

This is not a good look for anyone.[/quote]


You’ll see Coleman, you’ll see.

Just as long as there are no man-leggings. I’m busy enough wearing my manpris and neckerchief.

Whatever I have some cycling leg warmers those are pretty much man-leggings.

i’ve tried to help a few people who only locked their front wheel. i think only once they weren’t mildly offended. i guess i’d feel kinda dumb too if i thought was doing something so simple correctly and some stranger proved me wrong. its the best when they argue with you about it and i have to explain in detail how i could very easily take the bike minus a wheel. then they look at me like i’m a bike thief…

is anyone else tempted to undo the wheel and leave the frame sitting next to it?

Humpy humpy for alex?