Hey, Fookers -- aka, the pedal thread

Been testing a bunch of flat pedals and found one that I like (even) better than the ISSI Stomp–Deity’s T-Mac. Paired with 5.10 dotty-soled shoes, your feet are really locked in.


No picture, but I’ve pretty much all but destroyed the tree pedals on my bmx bike. I like pedal grinds. Plastic isn’t the greatest for that. Metal isn’t either. No happy medium. But they were $15.

What if you made cartridge pedal bodies out of wax so the spindle and bearings could be reused?

These always look so baller and deliciously comfortable. Never been able to justify the expense, since my Chesters work fine and give me zero problems, but if I were balling out on flat pedals, I’d probably get these.

I can’t remember who makes them, but there’s a flat pedal that mixes composite and alloy bits which supposedly makes it better at withstanding rock strikes.

There are pedals out there with replaceable bodies, but they all tend to be a lot “chunkier” than I like.

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Are there pedals out there that make sweet sweet sparks when you grind on them?


I put orange Fookers on our blue Bullitt, they’re pretty decent for $23

Magnesium sparks if the conditions are right.

this should go here

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Then BMXers would get even more shit at the park, this time for waxing the coping.

skateboards wax stuff on a much higher level than bmxers ever will.

These look interesting.

whats the tarck approved flat pedal for a road bike? my black mountain cycles road never gets ridden because i am in road bike denial and keep my clipless pedals on it but never want to suit up. but most flat pedals dont look quite right for a road bike.

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I’ve got silver shimano cranks and older silver shimano pedals an my road-ish bike. It looks right. Something like this would be the closest modern equivalent:

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Velo Orange Sabot? Or maybe one of Deity’s pedals in grey/pewter?

I’d really like to try these next time I buy pedals

I’d just throw on some black Fookers and ride off into the sunset


Not grip kings

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I’m very into these XT spd/flat pedals. Have them on two bikes.