Hey Toughguy! What gear you runnin?

I’m running 48 in front and 18 in back for a whopping 72 gear inches.
I know it’s kind of a granny gear but I can explode off the line like a jackrabbit and can easily stop safely, so I run it. Call me a pussy, but I also run a brake.

48 x 17

My langster is running 46 up front and a 16 in the back.
The new Raleigh I am building up is a 52 in the front and 17 in the back. I want to go vroom.


42x15 for 73.6

Got a 44 in the mail though. Jumping up to all of 77.1


78gi i think. maybe 76.

edit: yup, 78gi.

46x17 on the normal bike
49x17 on tarck

46x17 for a whopping 71.1 gear inches.

I know. I’m a fucking maniac.

76 gaer inchez

36/14 (i had sprocket and chainring)

~70Gi - perfect for me i’ve found

will go 46/17 next time though - fairly similar ratio


48/17. Low enough to get up the hills, big enough to not spin out (all the time) going down.

Im at 47/17 and think im going to go 47/19 so i can spin more…


44 x 17/15

My Schwinn beater is running 52/18 for 78GI, but I find I use my brake a whole lot more.

42/17 on the conversion and 32/16 on the MTB. I’m the lowballer so far.

But you’re also the toughest for riding offroad fixed.

44/15 on the other side of the hub.

The MTB is actually SS. I probably should have mentioned that.