Hip packs

I’m trying to complete my halloween costume of a posenger and need a hip pack.

But seriously, I want a hip pack for daily use. I’m really god damn tired of having to wear a bag for tiny things like burrito’s or small art supplies that I pick up while riding around. Does anyone have one they especially like or even better ones to really avoid? I’m already avoiding chrome. I’m thinking about going with burro bags.

your stomach is a much better vessel for a burrito than any hip pack

saddle bag.

I have one from Chicago WIG that I like. Looks like they changed the design, but might be worth checking out. Mine has pretty good capacity, but a burrito would pretty much max it out.


yeah a burrito is a good idea of how big I would like one. 2 beers or 1 burrito.

On an only somewhat related note,… every time I buy a burrito and put it in my messenger bag, I make it a few blocks before i start thinking… man, why does my back feels so magically warm??? Then a few blocks later and I’m like, oh yeah, burrito heater.

I have an orange reload w/ belt that I could part with…

blicksbag saddle bag is fucking awesome. when I finally get aroudn to finding a new battery for my digital camera I plan on taking some good pictures and doing a review but I highly recommend.

timubuktu made one i was surprisingly pleased with, til it fell apart.

thrift store fannypack?

or talk to blicks

blicks or transient. the transient belt is seriously amazing.

funnily enough, the only things I use hip-pouches for are (alleycat) manifests, for which they are dead useful, which sort of brings things into a posenger full circle.


i used to keep an sf map, a couple of pens and manifests, spare binder clips, and my wallet in there. also if i had to carry any small envelopes (letter size) i’d put them in there. it’s part of why i liked the timbuktu one; unlike most of their other stuff, it was perfect for messenger work.

the chrome ones seem to be similar dimension, those seem ok too.

I’m stuck between freight and transient now.

oh nevermind. The freight flap is way bigger. The transient one looks like it would not close while full.

I had a freight one. It was cool, but the velcro wore out pretty quickly. And the belt that comes with it loosens up pretty quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever been unable to close my transient. The velcro is very thick and will easily fit what you need.

Fabric horse make a buncha different ones. Also, army surplus will always have the best stuff.

Otherwise, id advise just making one. its easy even if your sewing skills are absolute shit. You can usually get good quality cordura for 10 bucks a yard at military surplus stores. Go with big snaps for fastening; they have the best balance of functionality and ease of use.

my first hip bag was some army surplus shit, and it fell apart in like 5 months.

Ive had one of mine, that ive worn every day, for 3 years and its still in pretty good shape. Guess they cant all be winners.