holiday ride exchange

every day is a holiday right?

anyone wanna do a thing where you give your approximate location, your approximate ride preference (mileage, time-ish, hills [~100’/mi] not hills or in between)

get a ride, give a ride. open to whether it should be an exchange or a whisper down the lane- happy to facilitate either via a spreadsheet.

if you get a ride you try to do it in a reasonable amount of time from when it is given to you (depending on how hype and inconvenient to your life it is), then rate and post pics? as the local party you can absolutely avoid straight up bad ideas but try to stick to the route as much as makes sense

who’s tryna get told where to ride?


Please. I just keep riding the same ol rides I’ve been riding and I need to ride some new rides I haven’t riden!

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This is ridiculous and I like it

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alright you two get after it
@russ and @Crustradamus

bonus points if you make crust ride to my house from his murder cabin or thereabouts

I love this new approach to random pairing. On it!

random pairing would be tight but i just wanna get this rolling first

Count me in

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It is pretty random tho!

random for partner 1 anyway :sunglasses:

Making me ride further than a tarck century is gonna be a challenge. I guess the beach is like 30 miles round trip. I’d rather be sent down a few miles of hiking trail.

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alright y’all- @mad.rains and i have runner stamped each other’s routes. ride reports forthcoming.

who else wants parts?


yeah, make me ride my bikeplease


I could get down for this. I need some variety in my rides.

and so it was written

@Horse_Mafia @lbttbl

first holiday ride exchange success story in the books. The route @jawn_doe sent me was awesome! I tend to avoid riding on HWY30 but I’m glad the route went that way because it’s really not as bad as it is in my head and there are lots of good rides to be had off of it. I was pretty stoked the route takes Big Creek Mainline cause it’s awesome and I don’t ride it too often, mainly because getting there on gravel is a pain in the ass. Taking 30 out to Big Creek is a quick easy way to get to some stuff I don’t ride too often. This was a great ride and a really cool way to connect HWY 30 with OR 202. Tried to stick to the route pretty close to 100% but missed a couple turns and had to backtrack. Deviated a little at the end to miss a shitty intersection.

Starting out the ride on the River Walk MUP heading out of town.

Quick stop at the Twilight Eagle Sanctuary. No eagles today but a good way to get off the highway.

Stopped to get a go beer and a bag of Happy Cherries before leaving pavement.

First gravel road on the route is Big Creek Mainline. That road is so good. So glad it was on the route because I don’t ride it too often and it’s going to be covered in snow and ice soon.

The route climbs us Pigpen Road and has some good views of Saddle Mountain. When the weather’s clear you can see Mt Hood and Saint Helens too.

Good ol hard workin goats.


Made it to my taco spot just in time to make happy hour.

The route as it was given:

The ride:

not sure where the 891 ft went.


fuck that’s way cooler than i thought it would be! jealous! hoping to do your ride by EOWeekend.

local knowledge is king tho y’all. if someone gives you a stupid/dangerous, just route around it!


alright y’all- first exchange complete! @mad.rains knocked it out the park- super cool because much like most people he’d probably never heard of binghamton before this.

route as given: Two Finch Hollow Parks in one town; now that's somethin. - A bike ride in Binghamton, NY

the ride:

nice rolling hills, 25-30 miles with medium climbing as requested. no taco bell but you can’t win them all. fwiw i dunno where the second finch hollow park was, but i guess the area by the wegmans is called finch hollow, and finch hollow is a nice preserve at a dam. minor trespass was sketchy- no POSTED signs but i sure came out of someone’s compound. strong “we don’t call the cops” vibe. which i approve of other than what they do instead.

photo essay:
leaving town

finch hollow

roadside finds including our apple/blueberry picking spot. bonus points for anyone who can tell me the deal with the power lines

trespass including false start

the rest

I got slightly off track at the end due to autopilot
the :grimacing: highway shot wasnt actually super sketchy but boy that sure is a bike route…
the godfather is back! wednesday to saturday

this was the coolest shit! y’all should all let a stranger tell you where to go ride your bike- i :100: would not have pieced this exact ride together myself despite frequenting some portions of it in one direction or another. having the surprise was a gamechanger. almost like going for a ride with your friend leading, but you don’t even need friends to do it!

edit: almost forgot- tf is this shit??? i love a cemetery and this is something new for me!


i still owe @Perlhammered a ride partner

nominating @Jacobell (for a jake on jake ride), @jimmythefly or @jeffro