Holy shit/Bike Shop lulz


There was a game at my old shop that had a bathroom off the service area where you’d slide a tube under the door after someone went in and inflate it from the outside with the compressor until it exploded. Never happened to me thankfully.


Back in my amazing mistakes phase, building my first sweet fixie, I got some sweet wheels from the internet and when they arrived the eyelets were just naked. I thought they looked awfully sharp, but they surely wouldn’t ship them like that if it was dangerous… I installed tubes and tires and pumped em up and everything was fine and I was super proud of myself.

Sometime later I was watching TV upstairs and it sounded like a gun went off. Not knowing that rim strips were a thing I cut up some old jeans and used denim to cover those pesky holes.


$100 product idea: selvedge denim rim strips…No really, sell them on IG for $100/wheel.




smiled briefly, exhaled sharply through my nose.

Highest comedy accolades.


You truly are the greatest tarcker


Better than those knockoff fond de Nimes


You truly are the greatest tarcker[/quote]


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A shop I worked at breifly claimed to play that game but I never witnessed it.

Did y’all also shoot ball bearings at each other with the presta inflator? Switch bike boxes with some BS hybrid when someone’s new bike showed up? I miss those days.


Ooh. Those sound like fun games. Maybe I’ll get back into shop life when I’m burned out on teaching and teach these old games to the young whipper snappers turning wrenches.


Not down for the ball bearing in the presta inflator. Fuck that game.


On our rubber nozzle head we found it used the same thread as hollow rear axle, so that gave you enough barrel length to fire darts from spokes/nipples cut out of wheels…


I know of two mechanics who were terminated on the spot for shooting spokes at a cardboard cut out of a human silhouette.


do you think they would have kept their jobs if it was a horse or cow silhouette?



Alternatively, shop management may have seen that behavior and instantly and correctly concluded that those guys are idiots and they didn’t want them anywhere near a customer bike.


yeah, creating improvised projectiles in a shop is kind of a major liability


Yep. Also, it was after one of the many mass shootings and it was done in plain sight of customers. Idiots.


Yep. Also, it was after one of the many mass shootings and it was done in plain sight of customers. Idiots.[/quote]
Yeah, bad optics aside, fuck working in an environment where people are shooting small projectiles out of a 200 psi compressor.


Only 130 psi, but yea.

At the shops where we shot ball bearings it was definitely an opt-in sort of arrangement.


presta capa is as far as i go. and that’s with safety glasses and away from people/valuables.