Holy shit/Bike Shop lulz


[quote=Face]Only 130 psi, but yea.

At the shops where we shot ball bearings it was definitely an opt-in sort of arrangement.[/quote]

lol doug and I were sharpening old spokes, pressing them through presta caps, and putting an electrical tape flange on them to shoot them at old bike boxes. I think Don shut that one down pretty much immediately


Which of yinz best knows the D.C. Shop scene?

Super good friend, who is also a super good mechanic, is moving to DC; his fiancé just got a sweet government job.


hey im also looking for recommendaitons
how much beer should i bring the shop in my neighborhood when i go in for a bb chase/face and steerer cut down?


Bring cash, let 'em buy their own beer.


I usually bring a 12 pack for jobs like that, + whatever beer I’m going to be drinking myself.


i met dude outside a brewpub last night and he said “come by after 4, we’re drinking beer”
so that means?
bring beer along right


[quote=NOVELTYNAME]i met dude outside a brewpub last night and he said “come by after 4, we’re drinking beer”
so that means?
bring beer along right[/quote]



QBP part number DP0141


holy shit


when you need a more expensive way to pretend you’re fast


Any of you have any interest in moving to Atlanta to wrench?


Yes. Need living wage though


Peemed you


Holy shit
So I’m volunteering at a ride that rhymes with blascade bwelvehundred and the mech that “volunteered” his time has:

  1. Complained about how shitty the bike industry is
  2. Complained about how much money he lost in the bike industry
  3. Complained about his competitors taking over his territory
  4. Complained about his former employees opening up better shops
  5. Told me he worked with a guy I didn’t really know but he was really difficult to deal with
  6. Complained about closing his shop
  7. Complained about working from his garage
  8. Complained about his credit card system that he just updated but didn’t work as intended
  9. Told me he got a cannon dale hi mod rental for free for 2 weeks and it was nice
  10. Started in 86 and only intended to stay in the business for 4 years but here it is 2018
    And to top it all off, he’s a hack. It seems like he’s never worked a rando event - or a race pit - or anything where things are jury rigged or need some kind of problem solving. Dude brought a Phil spoke cutter but nothing to fix a shifter - no cheapass friction anything, no replacement parts outside of wear items and LITERALLY EVERY COMPASS TIRE EVER MADE. Not shitting you.

Holy fuck shop bros, watch out. Don’t be this guy when you get older.


Yeah, sounds like a normal day in the back of a bike shop.


This morning
Rider: hey can I borrow that pump?
Mech (standing right next to a pump): pump? Yeah one second (runs to other room to gram a pump)
I walk over and hand the rider the pump


buy your shit now, i guess.


I’ve been listening to Marketplace podcast almost daily the past 6 months and as soon as I heard that the tariffs were definitely coming down the pipe I rapidly bought a bunch of bicycle consumables (and all parts for Elephant rebuild + eBike motor parts).


I loooooove Marketplace.

also bummed on this tarrif. I guess I’ll scrape up some money to build the stoemper.


You actually turned me on to it in the podcast thread, its perfect for commuting where you typically tune-in and tune-out at different points. Half the stuff I don’t really understand because of economic ignorance but I feel like I have a slightly better understanding of how Cheedo’s policies are changing the economy. (sorry to bring politics this into the cycling thread)