Home Repair Stands. What have you got?

I’m tired of wrestling with bikes at home and as a Xmas present to myself I’m thinking of picking one up. I really only have experience with shop stands. I don’t require anything too fancy but I’d rather spend the money on something of quality.

What do you guys have? Pros and cons of ones you’ve used or owned?

From personal experience I can tell you don’t waste your money on a spin doctor one from performance because it’s a worthless piece of shit and I hate it.


Go Park or go home

my fam just bought me a park stand for x-mas… i haven’t taken it out of the boxes but, i can say this… it weighs so fucking much, the ups driver asked me to help him carry the base, so i’m assuming it’s going to be pretty stable.

I’ve had the Ultimate Pro workstand for a few years.
It’s light, easy to use, holds any position, and in a
semi folded condition it only takes about 1 square
foot of floor for storage.


Good call on the DIY.

I was gonna weld up a DIY one but the tubes and fittings and shit came out to close to $100. Might as well buy at that point.

i have a semi-shitty minoura one from nashbar. its ok.

I have the Park PCS9 and one of those little things that cups your chainstay while hooking around the seat stay, so that your rear wheel is off the ground and you can spin the drivetrain. They’re both good, and I find myself using the little thingy a fair bit for minor jobs like adjusting brakes/ derailers, lubing and cleaning the drivetrain etc. because it’s easier to haul out and set up.

I was planning on Park. And… I am home.

I figured the PCS 9/10 or the Team Issue were safe bets. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with particular models or had experience with something else that they would recommend. I know Topeak make some but have no real experience with those either.

i have the 9, the 10 has a cooler clamp design, more like the shop model i think.

it works fine for at home but it sucks on uneven ground,like at a cross race for instance.

there is a sick aluminum tripod i see CX ballers using but i dunno who makes it

i think my parents got me the pcs-9 for xmas. i know it was park and about $120

i’ve had mine 2 years almost and its doing fine

I got one of these cheapies off eBay. (Park stands cost $400 over here and, until recently, getting them shipped to Australia meant massive freight bills so they weren’t a fantastic option). The clamp is a little annoying by not opening far enough. You have to release it AND unscrew it a few turns to get a tube/post out. But even though that’s a little annoying, it’s still working after three years and is WAY better than nothing.

I REALLY want one of these Llewellyn stands. They are SO nice to work with. I’ve been pretty tempted to buy one this year as a Xmas gift to myself but I really can’t spend the money right now. Hoping for a Xmas miracle…

it is a pcs 9

I have an older version of one of the Feedback Sports stands. It’s most like this one or their “ultra light” one:


Works nice for a small space - folds up easily and has been stable, and it allows full rotation of the bike when it’s on the stand. Meant to be taken on the road so you could possibly use it for double-duty. It can’t handle heavier bikes very well though: it slips down with heavy mountain bikes sometimes. The pad on the clamp also looks like it is wearing out (it’s some kind of rubber/plastic and it is getting cracks after using it on heavier bikes), but the pad attaches via screws so it might be replaceable anyway.

Basically, it’s a good light-duty stand that is also portable. But it will fall short if you want it to handle 100% of the possible bike repair jobs out there.

FYI, I started out keeping it in a closet and bringing it out whenever I had to do maintenance work…But then I got sick of constantly taking it out & putting it away and found a corner that I could leave it open in all the time. Something to consider.

I have a PCS-10. It’s ok.

I have the PRS-3 olsb, or an older version like it (minus that tray).
Probably the best free gift from ex-girlfriend’s dad. It had been sitting in his garage for a while since her sister’s ex-husband purchased it for some reason, but never really used it. It doesn’t really breakdown, but I just slide it around as needed.

Did see that Bicycling has a $30 homemade work stand in the Jan issue. I didn’t read too in-depth since I have one.

Older PCS-4. It has the legs that can fold back and fold up, best $75 I have ever spent on CL.