Hotter'N Hell 100 - 2009


“Riders and racers from all over the USA will celebrate the 28th annual Hotter 'N Hell Hundred on Aug. 29, 2009. Hotter 'N Hell Hundred will continue to excite record numbers of participants and add to their fitness experience. The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred is one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the nation. Fitness oriented riders and bicycle racers will come to Wichita Falls, Texas, from virtually every state and several foreign countries. They will set their calendars for the week of Aug. 27 - Aug. 30, 2008. The official ride start will be approximately 7:00 a.m. (official sun rise) on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2009. The Endurance ride is Saturday Aug. 29,2009 with USA Cycling racing on Friday and Saturday. The HHH will continue to offer an off-road mountain bike race on Friday August 28, 2009 and a trail run on Sunday August 30, 2009 as well. By the way, the HHH is always 9 days before Labor Day.”

This is not a century.



Anyone else going?

… on your pista? really??

why the hell not?

im going to do some 75 mile loops around dallas in the coming weeks. Jim and the other austin dudes know people who have done it fixed so its not like id be the first. i’ll sleep, eat, and bring water also.

[quote=Ashes / Dust]This is not a century.



“Route distances are:
10K - 25 mile - 50 mile - 100K - 100 mile

That sounds like a century to me.

In for fixed century for team tarck.

anybody want to give me a ride?

[quote=Jim][quote=Ashes / Dust]This is not a century.



“Route distances are:
10K - 25 mile - 50 mile - 100K - 100 mile

That sounds like a century to me.[/quote]

Yeah, it is. This girl was giving Room a hard time earlier in the day saying that it wasn’t.

i might if there is no one coming from the south who can pick me up.

man I’m glad you posted this I was JUST coming on tarckbike to post this ride.

I am down. Registering for the endurance ride as we speak. I wish I could do the race but let’s face it right now I suck and my shoulder is still very broken. I can feel the break and the pins in there after riding for a couple hours :frowning: My titanium upgrades need to get osteointegrated faster!

So, are we gonna wear our jerseys? My friend Mike who isn’t on here is gonna ride it as well. I should talk him into a tarck kit!

I, for one, am stoked. Lucky had better ride this with us too.
We need to all get a hotel room because I don’t want to start driving at midnight just to be able to get there on time.

Gearmonger, if you can catch a ride up on Friday, were gonna search for somewhere to stay!

lets all just meet girls on okcupid and stay with them up there

…or couchsurfing? or get on a more local forum and see if anyone is offering lodging to out of towners?

ive got a volvo wagon so i could either fit one other person and with our bikes and gear in the back,
or 3 people and maybe 2 bikes inside (both wheels off) and 2 on a rack if someone has one.

I am so down. Best I can do is take a half day that Friday though, what time do people plan on leaving Houston?

I will look for places to stay.
My ex’s parents live in the falls but that might be awkward.

same. i’d go in to work for a couple hours. worst case scenario is me driving there by myself but its only like 2 hours.

Um, just realized I’m best man in a wedding on the 29th. Soooooooooooo, kinda won’t be part of team tarck.


i did the full 106miles on my single speed madison last year,
but totally do-able.
took 7 hours…and it was 116* most of the time.

Just came across this:

Outdoor Camping is available at the Hotter’N Hell Hundred:
Bridwell Ag Center. Located across the river from HHH Registration and Consumer Show. Campers may set their tents on the lower bank of the river or adjacent to the Ag Center. Cold showers are available at the Ag Center as well as toilet facilities. The best part is that you will be camping near breakfast at MPEC, the consumer Expo, Finish Line Village and the Start. You should bring tents, cots or air mattresses, your own towels and bedding, etc. No reservations are necessary, and the cost is free.

Sounds pretty solid. I’d definitely do it.

adam, heres a secret not many people know about:
you can sleep at the ymca in downtown wichita falls for $10.

-air conditioning
-hot showers
-hot tub
-all night monitored bike security

first come, first served. so get there early.