how do you carry yo' shit?! a saddlebag rant.

so i have a topeak aerowedge small.

it’s really phallic looking.
i like how i can just unclip it when not in use, instead of fucking with 3 velcro straps.
it holds my multitool, 2 tire levers, 2 knogs, superflash, flat nutwrench thingy, patch kit, co2 inflator, spare co2, masterlink, aleve, keys and still has a couple cubic inches to spare.
i’ve always thought saddlebags ruin the aesthetics of a fixed gear or single speed bike, which is about minimalism (to me anyway).
i don’t wanna wear a jersey around everywhere and stuff the pockets full of these goodies, but i also don’t want to wear my mess bag everytime i ride either.
110* heat=mucho sweaty back.

i know.
bitch, bitch, bitch. :colbert:

so what do you guys do?

Just carry my chrome.
That’s what I bought it for, to carry stuff.

I saran wrap it to my body

I was feeling the same way about not wanting to carry around a huge bag for a few small items. So, I started to consider getting a hip pouch. While often god awful looking they seemed really practical. A week or so later I happened to win one from Under the Weather bags in a race. Its lemon yellow and wicked ugly but it is sooo nice to have around. A lot of hip pouches, like this one, can just go onto your own belt or be attached with one provided. Carries all of the essentials that you mentioned. I usually tote around my lock, keys, wallet, lights, and there is still a good amount of room left. A lot of times Ill throw an extra rolled up tshirt, a water bottle, a book, or Ill pick up lunch on the way to a friends place and stuff it in there. Seriously, they are the perfect solution to your problem. Most mess bag companies make them starting out at 50ish bucks and are willing to add custom options. The only downside is having to convince yourself that glorified fanny packs are cool.

I mostly use my chrome bag, but I also use a performance-brand saddle bag on my geared bike for longer rides. In that case, I also carry a frame pump and two water bottles and wear lycra, so the aesthetic of the bag is irrelevant. I pack that thing with a multi tool, a spare tube, a patch kit, tire levers, clif bars (2-3), electrolyte powder, cash, ID, and phone. It can sometimes be difficult to close because it’s so full.

Oh yeah. I forgot about fanny packs. I ain’t gonna pay $50 for one though.

The issue seems to be “this is making me look like a dork” which will only be magnified 1000fold if you get a fanny pack. My humble suggestion would be to just get over it and keep using the saddle bag. Maybe get one that looks less like a penis hovering under your ass, waiting to penetrate.

Maybe you could hire someone to follow you around with a gigantic mess bag full of tools and parts and shit. It would be like a team support car, but a team support tarckist.

The issue isn’t my saddlebag making me look like a dork.
My face does that for me.
It just ruins the lines of a bike.

I keep a spare tube, some patches, and my tools in a seatpack, then throw that in whatever bag I’m wearing. When I want to travel light I strap that to the bike and ditch the huge bag.

My mini u fits in a jersey pocket. I’ve done that a few times on longer rides when I still needed to bring a lock.

I’m thinking about getting a R.E.Load Hip Pouch. Met one in person and I kind of liked it. $38 isn’t so bad.

Also, it was plenty roomy for a tube, co2, levers, phone, iPod, ulock (in the built in ulock carrying strap) or whatever else you need to haul around.

ive got a specialized wedgie mini on my roadie that fits crank bros pump, tube, phone, keys, card. around town everythings in my mess bag though.

Dood just get one of these!

ok so after I stumbled on that picture I started looking at the rest of her flickr page…This shit is outa control! Wow

fanny pack.


also size M bailey works

you need to be wearing a belt for the hip packs, otherwise i love that reload.


also size M bailey works[/quote]

I think we would get along well. haha.

i only put the saddlebag on for >20mi rides.

Yeah saddle bags are fine but a pain if you are on and off your bike all day like a lot of us are. Yeah, 50 bones is a lot but as mentioned there are for sure cheaper ones. You know youve dropped more money on shit thats way more stupid than something as practical as a bag. Also, Its really assuring to know that they are waterproof. Ive ruined numerous phones from moisture, so keeping water and sweat off my electronics is a must. Id rock a fanny pack with way more confidence than mess bag shaped sweat stain all over my tshirt.

fanny pack