How do you carry your stuff?

I stuff everything in a large, increasingly skanky ziplock bag.

I want a bike wallet…a trifold with a place for ID/credit card and some money that wraps around a small multitool, has a velcroed pocket for a valve wrench and an elastic strap on the outside for two CO2 cartridges on one side and two tire levers on the other. If any of you sew I’ll send you a drawing outlining my million-dollar idea.

A saddle bag and jersey pockets?

Yeah, I’ve created a couple small tool wraps with room for ID and an iPhone but they end up being less useful than a regular saddle bag.

I use a fredly Jandd saddlebag x jersey pockets. Eventually I’d like to do the canister in second bottle cage thing. My typical road ride these days is < 3 hours with pretty ready access to water, and it would be easier to grab and throw on the bike.

try david/orc. he’s got a pretty great tool roll that he made for himself.

I feel like I just asked a dumb question. I was actually talking about something that would go in my jersey pocket; I put everything in the ziplock because otherwise it gets wet, muddy, and/or sweaty depending on the day. About 75% of the time I don’t ride with a saddle bag because I have a tubular tire under the seat.


Waterproof. Made in USA. Cheap. Holds my crap.

Timbuk2 has a few versions of that too, I bought one when FonBag was sold out for a month, it’s great.
(This one:

House key, multi tool, patch kit, sram powerlink thingy, tire boot, id and debit card in a pouch that came with my sunglasses. That goes in the middle jersey pocket. Cell phone in the right pocket, snacks in left pocket. Frame pump in well, duh, frame.

That’s all I ever carry.

30 dollars for those turds? Fuck, so going artisinal and sewing up a bunch of awesome pouches. Then selling on some forum for 60.

send me your address and i’ll send you some waterproof phone/id bag thingys i got from interbike. my phone doesn’t fit in them.

What are they? I’m looking for something decent also.

carradice hanging off a brooks
haven’t hit 20mph in years


I carry:
phone, keys, wallet, nanners, food bars. sometimes gloves/hat/warmers if I take them off.

want something at least for card/id/wallet/phone.

Rando bag+toolroll+jersey pockets. Toast loaned me a carradice saddlebag that I’ve been dragging around for the past 1000 miles or so, but everything important goes into the rando bag (food, camera, arm warmers, gloves, zipties, windvest, raincoat (or at least I /will/ be stuffing a raincoat in there as soon as I find one that does not suck), the toolroll, or the jersey (iphone, wallet, hankerchef.) The load probably slows me down a little bit, but my goal for the winter is to reach a closing control /before/ it opens while carrying a 600k’s rando load, so it’s not a slowdown that I care about.

send me your address and i’ll send you some waterproof phone/id bag thingys i got from interbike. my phone doesn’t fit in them.[/quote]

I really appreciate the offer, but I have a Galaxy III, which is huge and unlikely to fit.

I’ve been eyeing this Tool Roll / carry whatever from Cory @ Dank Bags:

Not sure if you can clip it under the saddle though, infinite colorway combination choices is fun


Dunno if I overpack for my training rides, but I carry in the saddle bag 2 tubes, 2 co2 carts, 1 tire lever, plus inflator tip, and in jersey pockets phone, wallet, food, keys, and any spare clothing type things. Tempted by one of those tool rolls to keep everything organized for grab-n-go convenience, but for my purposes the small Fizik/Topeak bags that jut out the back of the rails so they don’t rub have worked out perfectly.