How fast can you change a bike tire?

I’m pretty slow.
It would probably take most people less time to put on a new set of tubulars and glue them on and wait for the glue to dry.

I just broke 2 brand new tubes mounting tires to some new ea90 SL’s 2 days ago.


i tore em to bits too. This is why you don’t work on your bike after a loooooong day.

I’m pretty quick. Never really timed myself, but I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing while I’m doing it anymore.

So fast, man. So fast.

Fuck this thread.

couple minutes i guess, im usually not in a rush. depends a lot on the tire/rim

Things that speed it up:

worn in bead
quick release skewer
CO2 inflator
spare tube handy
tire irons
front wheel

Things that slow it down:

crisp, fresh bead
bolt on axle
tiny hand pump
patches only
rear wheel

I carry a CO2 inflator, spare tubes, tire irons, and have a QR in front. Last I got a flat on the road, I timed myself, it was about 3 minutes.

i know this messenger, i wont name names but my wife and i strolled up on him and his girl outside a bike shop where he was changing her tube and he was getting so frustrated… kinda made me laugh.

and i didnt want to be ‘that guy’ who shows dude how to fix something in front of his girl so we said hi and strolled along.

pretty funny shit.

Fast =) unless it’s a DH tire. Fuck those things. glad I don’t have to do that often.

I hate changing tires more than anything else I can think of.
5 minutes maybe.

(Great, now I’m gonna get a flat on the way to the climbing gym. Thanks alot)

Probably takes me 10-15 minutes but i never rush it.

depends on the tire/rim. took me an hour once with a matrix rim and a new conti ultrasport. mostly because i got mad and threw my tire tools and had to go look for them, then popped two tubes. that combo sucks.

probably 10 minutes or so. With the vast majority of that time going to getting my bastard tires back on. My roommate can always tell when I’m changing out a tube just by the sheer amount of curse words coming from my room.

It all depends on the tire…never timed myself

something worn in and easy to take off shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes im guessing, but then there’s those bastard tires where you gotta try soap and shit and its a bitch even doing it with 2 people.

bigger tires are always easier too.

Gatorskins are so fucking tight on the rim. It doesn’t take me long but I’ve snapped a tire lever before.

I broke a steel core once.

one time i got so angry that i snapped my frame in half over my knee.


take that.

I usually just masturbate and cry myself to sleep when I get a flat.

I havent ever timed (who has?) but I would guess maybe 5 minutes to change a tube, 7 if I have to patch it, 5 if it’s a new tire. Never had too much trouble with gator skins for mounting either.

I was just coming here to say that I can change most tubes in three or four minutes, sometimes less if it’s a 26" MTB tire. The biggest exception is fucking MATRIX RIMS. Last night we had a long conversation in the shop about how no one, even the guys with 20 years experience, can get a tire onto a Matrix rim in any reasonable amount on time.

Really though, it all depends on the tire/rim combination.

never timed but maybe 5 min for a bolt on front tube change. when customers bring a 26" wheel off the bike into the shop, it takes maybe 2 minutes with the compressor. thats all i do all summer long is sell a bike once in a while and change MTB tubes (literally about 15-25 a day).

I changed a tube during a race once in about 3 minutes. Changing a tire, though… new kevlar bead = 10 minutes of me cursing.

Edit-this was the rear wheel too.