How many spokes?


18 up front/32 out back would be my choice


^ - What’s funny is how many people believe that Unispoke thing.

Anyway, 32, but it should depend on road conditions, rider weight, etc.

I got 32 front/36 rear

40 spoked tandem wheels all the time.


More blingy wheels.

That dude’s fat, he needs high spoke-count wheels.

His wheels are still F’n awesome!



All your spokes are belong to us.

I normally run 32 spoke wheels. I had a set of 28h Open Pros on an old road bike though, and they didn’t die.

I’m not very burly though.

I run 16 / 32 on my mercier but 36/36 on Hufnagel for njs hub steez

I weigh 140ish

32f/36r under a 166 pound dude

I voted 3 cuz it was there.

But I ride 32/32 most of the time, and 32/3 other times :). My rear IRD Cadence Aero rim has been through hell and I can’t knock the thing out of true by more than a hair. I’ve taken it off-road more times than I can count, as well as abused it more than enough in the city since it was built in June and it’s held up great. I weigh 160-165.

It’s not just the spoke count. It’s also about using nice spokes (which basically means avoiding straight gauge) and having a good builder wrench together your wheels.

I’m planning on replacing my stock kilo tt wheel set with sun cr18/double butted spokes(what brand?)/formulas. I’m gonna lace them up my self i think and then take them in to the LBS to get them trued and tensioned. As long as I lace it right there’s not really any thing i can screw up with my inexperience lacing them right?

24 front, 28 rear on my tarckbike
32/32 on my commuter conversion

my dura ace wheels have what look to be straight guage spokes which would suck.