I'm new!

I think I’m about to get kicked off that other place. (Too many snotty answers to idiotic questions?) So I figured I might as well come over to the Tarck side. I just posted my bike in the Post Your Ride section.

I heard y’all cuss here.


why you gotta do a thing, the other 600+ members didn’t start this thread for a reason

now GTFO!

dude. your own thread? really?

This guy is important.

Wrap the rest of your bars. You look like a moron with just the drops wrapped.

And fuck off while you’re at it.


ahh this reminds me of a thread a while back


omg hi2u2! :slight_smile:

Lock this thread.


Banhammer is comin the fuck down!!!

fuck this asshat.

I don’t care about your bike.

That bike’s a piece of shit anyway.

effin n00b

I wish there was a way to tar+feather someone through the internet.

[tarandfeather]snarcky varcking[/tarandfeather]

This guy’s thread makes me feel like I’ve made very very important ones.

Fuck you and fuck your shitty-ass shitty fuck bike.