i'm obsessed with this ultimate jackass bike

I posted this bike in the jackass thread earlier, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon. Luckily it was still locked up outside when I left work tonight, so i snapped a bunch more pics.

The original pic: brakeless, freewheel conversion.

Brakeless drivetrain: proof. I kept looking for a coaster brake. Then I spun the cranks around. Yep: freewheel.

Sweet Alex rim

Rad bars

Totally missed the kickstand the first time. Baller.

Rear skewer up front; nice touch


That’s all.

Thank you?

Does the bike belong to the homeless-lookin dude in the background of your last photo?

I’m sorry that you didn’t get enough attention the first time you posted this bike, but there’s already a thread for this subject.

not exactly the most terrible thing i have ever seen? looks like a winter bike that some one put there no snow wheelset on for a decent day?

Kowloon doesn’t get out much?


this bonechilling guy has a spectacular sense of whit and sarcasm.

This bonemarrow guy has a spectacular lack of understanding of what “whit” and “sarcasm” are.

it was supposed to be a compliment

hey look three usernames with “bone” in them, and all in a row! It’s a San Bonesho!

edit:awww fuck almost

walt’s cool

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not in the Bay Area, no.

also, it’s “their.”

also, how is he supposed to stop?

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walt’s cool[/quote]

dude, i gave bone marrow, and I got $400 for it. horrific pain < 400 bones

Nothing wrong with an inexpensive Alex rim.

Nothing wrong with a kickstand

Nothing wrong with a beat seat.

Nothing wrong with using a spare skewer

I agree its mega unsafe and a hazard to others, but who died and made you king of bikes? get over yourself

I thought this entire forum was about being the king of bikes.

Anyone know where I can find a carbon fiber kickstand? Trying to drop a few grams…

Easton makes one and it costs $750.

It pops up on chainlove for $39.95 from time to time.

I agree its mega unsafe and a hazard to others, but who died and made you king of bikes?[/quote]
Sheldon Brown. :colbert: