Is it to early to start talking about cold weather?

According to Accuweather the North, and particularly the Northern Midwest, is due for quite the shitstorm this year.

Invest in Pugsley futures?

mild spells looks like a dick heading to canada

watch out canada

Bbrrr, driving to work this morning…

I’m hoping for another good snowstorm in the south. Hopefully in december or january so we can race in it.

This winter is supposed to be even swisher than last ^so I’m glad to have a fatbike.

It went from the 90s last week to low 60s this week. It was 48 on my way to work. Very odd for here to be this cold in october.

Mid 40s for the r i d e into work. This is that tricky time of year to dress for.

Yup, chilly in the morning and real warm in the afternoon.

fml. sold my winter bike
havent finished gravel roadie/fender trainer
some soggy days ahead my friends

Glad rusty can put that bike to use again this year after getting it later.
I am in the penis to Canada, which is par for the course in State College.
I thought it was going to be mid 70s today, so i rode in shorts and t-shirt. Quickly realized it was still 39. oops.

I’m getting mentally prepared since it was 32 last sunday. I am ready for it.

It’s hard to think about bad weather because it’s been absolutely perfect here for the last 7 or so days.
I hope it stays nice for the race on sunday, but it probably won’t.

85 and sunny last week.

55 and rainy this week.

Still wearing cut offs. Deal with it.

Really need to get fenderbiek operational again.

Cross tires don’t kick up quite as much water on pavement but they don’t grip as well either.

35-ish when I left this morning. Windy as hell (but could have been worse).

Only saw 1-2 other Cat 6 riders on the way in.

dressed too warm for the rain
hate that

Yep. High 40’s this morning. Not cool California, not cool.

Get me into windproof front jersey/shirt/jackets that have breathable arms and back. If I dress so I don’t end up sweaty, my belly gets cold as ice. If I dress to keep my front side warm, the rest of me is covered in sweat.

Maybe a vest is the way to go, but I keep thinking there must be some awesome wool full-zip winter jersey that has windstopper on the front panel only and looks sort of like normal clothing too.

Also, where are my gore-tex sambas with spd footbed?

Novara Headwind bike pants are amazing for winter riding, not that expensive either. The front is windproof, the back is breathable and they take a few hours to soak through even in heavy rain. They’re pretty fugly but from about late October to mid-March I don’t look that pro anyway. Not that it matters because the local roadies are on the recumbent exercycles at Crunch, so there’s nobody to see my shame.

93 today winter is near

Cadence kind of did this with their Spin jacket, but it’s sold out. Ibex also has a similar idea with their Breakaway/Dash/Vim jacket for a bit more money. The Cycling Spokane blogger just very recently threw up a review on the new Breakaway 2.

Personally I haven’t worn any of the above jackets 'cause I live in SF and “cold” for us is <60. Also, I think a vest might be a better option because it will allow you to lose heat more easily (namely your armpits) when you start warming up.